Death Angel // The Bastard Tracks // Album Review


The San Francisco Bay Area was the epicentre of one of the finest musical movements known to the human race. Death Angel was at the forefront of this surge when they formed in 1982 and were the driving force of the Thrash Metal explosion ad remain to be one of the most important bands in the musical scene.

Having broken up in 1991, the band reformed for a one-off in 2001 for a cancer benefit show for Chuck Billy of Testament however the feedback was that overwhelming that the band remained reformed and took their place at the point of the Thrash assault. With 9 studio albums, two demo tapes, a box set and two live albums under their belt even with a number of lineup changes, the energy that is packed into a Death Angel album is always explosive and punishing.

Don’t expect to change even as The Bastard Tracks begins with a little acoustic guitar, the slap around your face is just waiting around the corner and shit, it packs a sting. With huge slashing riffs that slice to the bone and drums that shake your spinal cord, you are going to be left disorientated and disturbed.

As the album continues, the slaps leave their marks and the confusion deepens as the whirlwind continues its path of destruction. As you join in the vocal, you will find yourself gasping for breath due to the fact that you are also running around like a spun-out fly, bouncing off of every surface in the way.

Things take a turn for the unplugged toward the end of the album and you feel ready for a breather and your heart needs a little settling, so the tracks are welcome to come down. Don’t think though that the acoustic offerings detract from this blistering offering.

Death Angel have shown yet again why they are a core component of the high octane and punishing genre. The Bastard Tracks is another stunning addition to the band’s discography and pushes Thrash forward again showing why it is still such an important and enjoyable area of heavier music.

If you are a fan of Thrash or Metal in general, you really need to get this album in your life and let it take over your body. Yes, your body will resemble having an exorcism as the album takes control but holy fuck it feels good.

Ed Ford


The Bastard Tracks will be released on Friday 26th November 2021 via Nuclear Blast Records.




  1. Lord Of Hate 4:25
  2. Where They Lay 4:44
  3. Why You Do This 5:44
  4. Fallen 4:48
  5. Absence Of Light 4:34
  6. The Organization 4:32
  7. Execution – Don’t Save Me 4:51
  8. Succubus 4:36
  9. It Can’t Be This 4:32
  10. Let The Pieces Fall 6:00
  11. Faded Remains 4:29
  12. Volcanic 3:42
  13. Falling Off The Edge Of The World 3:37
  14. Guilty Of Innocence 4:43
  15. Alive And Screaming 3:50



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