Deadthrone - Premonitions - Album Review
Deadthrone - Premonitions - Album Review 8
Deadthrone - Premonitions - Album Review 8
Deadthrone - Premonitions - Album Review 8
Deadthrone - Premonitions - Album Review 8
Deadthrone - Premonitions - Album Review 8
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Deadthrone is a 5-piece Hardcore/Metalcore band that has been quickly growing in popularity since their formation back in early 2016. With one EP (To Hell and Back) under their belt, fans are finally in luck thanks to the upcoming release of their debut album Premonitions.

Starting the album with one of three singles, ‘Feel’, listeners are shown exactly what to expect from the 12-track release. With filthy riffs over the top of an electronic vocal loop and pounding drums that make your head start banging of its own will, ‘Feel’is a great opening that sets the tone for the rest of the album.

This song style carries on for most of the release, helping give each song a feeling of anger and sadness that’s reminiscent of bands like Fit For A King, which is especially true about the second single of the album ‘Time Won’t Wait’. Moving on, ’Wide Awake’ adds a slight Djent element within the guitar work while ‘Stand Your Ground’ feels like a modern, heavier take on the mid-2000 Post-Hardcore craze as well as also having one of the best vocal performances of the album.

With ‘Respite’ working as an interlude to give listeners a chance to breathe, we are led into one of the strongest tracks of the release, ‘Soothsayer’, coming at listeners with pre unrivalled rage. Closing out the album is ‘Seven Years’, is one of the more emotional tracks and a groove that you just can’t not move to, it felt like a great song to finish on.

Premonitions, despite not being the most original release of the year, is a great debut album full of everything fans of modern Hardcore could want. With brilliant performances from everyone involved and a sound that grabs listeners with ease, I certainly recommend this album for anyone who’s a fan of Hardcore and Metalcore without hesitation.




1. Feel 4:37
2. Runaway 3:26
3. Revival 3:27
4. Time Won’t Wait 4:34
5. Wide Awake 3:58
6. Believe 3:18
7. Hearts In Our Hands 4:05

8. Stand Your Ground 3:57

9. Respite 1:07
10. Soothsayer 3:11
11. Beacons 3:49
12. Seven Years 4:34


Chris Bissette| Vocals

James Bolton| Guitar/Vocals

Sam Clough| Guitar

Benj Speight| Drums



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