Deadline // Cathedral Point // Album Review

Having never heard of Deadline before this I was a bit skeptical about what to expect, old school heavy metal blah blah you’ve heard it all before, but let me tell you, you have not. The South African six-piece will leave you dead on the floor with high paced old school metal that will bring you back to the heady days of the late 80’s early 90’s and it is not hard to hear that their influences range from Iron Maiden to Priest to Testament and all in between as they blast you right in the face.

Opening up with the title track “Cathedral Point”, an atmospheric instrumental, you’d be forgiven for thinking it’s a little lackluster but hold on to your hats as “Hope N’ Pray” kicks things up a considerable notch with blistering drums and when Jessy Switchblade starts to sing, his range is amazing, all preconceived notions go right out the window, with big thick riffs driving the track it is just immense and when the solo kicks in and the guitars start to duel back and forth, it is just metal heaven. “Dark Divination” is a heavier track with more menace, grinding riffs backed up by thumping drums and Switchblade snarling and screaming his way through the track, again the guitars are brilliant with a solo that has a tasty bass line buzzing beneath it before it drops back to the grind, instant classic. “Before I Die” rips out of the blocks with a speedy riff, a kicking drum beat, and cool bass, Jessy Switchblade is a really powerful singer and his bandmates give him the platform to launch each song to the next level and this is one that is quite possibly the best song on the album.

“High Tops & Bullet Belts” has a cool keyboard intro that feels like something out of the Warriors movie and when Switchblade starts singing about joining his gang that is the only image you will have, talk about painting a picture, with amazing guitars, pounding drums and bass you will be banging your head and trying to find out where you sign up. “Only The Strong Survive” starts out like a Megadeth track, full speed with kicking drums, a quick blast solo and thumping bass line again Switchblade’s vocals kick things up a notch, as for the guitars all you can do is listen to the fingers shred the fretboards, another contender for track of the album. “Clandestine” is a heavy riff-driven track that is relentless, with fast-paced drumming, a really catchy chorus and some blistering guitar work. “Shapeshifter” is a real grinder, heavy down-tuned guitars, Switchblade snarling and growling his way through the track ably backed up by a killer drum beat and a funky little bass break midway through that makes way for the drums to ramp up the tempo to power the track to the end with the guitars giving a noticeable assist. “The Watchers” closes out one hell of a joy ride much the same way it started, powerful, precise and unashamedly METAL.

These guys are one serious dose of old school metal that will not be going away anytime soon, so jump aboard and hold on for dear life.



Cathedral Point is out 26th June


Deadline are:

Jessy Switchblade Vocals

Judge Mental Guitar

Baz Steel Bass

Dizzy Styxx Drums

Raven Chaos Guitar

Skullprit Guitar



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