Dead Manifest Issue Statement of Intent, With Blistering Single “Blood”

Dead Manifest Issue Statement of Intent, With Blistering Single “Blood”

Dead Manifest guitarist Aaron Nestor went to collect the post one morning, to find a large package had arrived. It was from Wolfmother guitarist Andrew Stockdale. Stockdale had been clearing out some equipment and mentioned it on Instagram. A few messages later, and he had agreed to sell Nestor his guitar. Fittingly, this legendary guitar – signed, “May the riffs be with you, Aaron,” – was one of those used in the recording of “Blood”. And it is the kind of song a guitar like that was made to play.

“Blood” is the latest single from the Tallaght hard-rock trio, but also a new leaf for them. No beginners to the Dublin rock scene, Dead Manifest have been playing music together, on and off, for ten years. But now marks a new chapter for the band.

“We’ve always focused hard on the music,” Andy notes. “And it doesn’t hurt that we’ve got previous releases. But it’s a clean slate now.” Aaron adds, “We’re taking ourselves more seriously, but at the same time, recording ‘Blood’ – it’s just the three of us, going crazy! It was the most fun recording session we’ve ever done.”

A supercharged hard-rock anthem, “Blood” chugs along until it explodes. The verses are built out of riff after riff like Lego in furious hands. The headbanging heart-racing adrenaline of these sections gives way, momentarily, before a startlingly thoughtful chorus crashes in. “I don’t want this to end, but I only taste blood when I kiss you.”

Healthy violence and anthemic quality persist throughout, aided by the breadth of genuine musicianship afforded by the band, and a feeling of authenticity. The result is a track that doggedly straddles grunge, contemporary punk, hard-rock and metal. “The three of us have our different tastes,” Andy says. “When the three of us come together, that makes Dead Manifest.”

Dead Manifest are a heavy-hitting rock trio from Tallaght, Dublin, formed by Aaron Nestor (vocals & guitar), Andy Rudd (bass) and Cathal Cullivan (drums). With their progressive fusion of metal, punk and grunge, the band has already built a local reputation for compelling songcraft and blistering riffs, and are now claiming their place in the Irish music scene. Dead Manifest’s new single “Blood” is the first of a series of singles to come in 2021, and a concentrated offering of everything they have accomplished so far, resulting in a foot-stomping yet melodic anthem.

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