Dead Lord // Surrender // Album Review
Dead Lord // Surrender // Album Review 10
Dead Lord // Surrender // Album Review 10
Dead Lord // Surrender // Album Review 10
Dead Lord // Surrender // Album Review 10
Dead Lord // Surrender // Album Review 10
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Dead Lord are back with their fourth studio album Surrender and it just might be there biggest and best yet! Right from the off you are enveloped in a world of harmonizing guitars, Lizzy-esque that just hits you right between the eyes. Classic Rock in abundance it’s the very best of the old school attitude and atmosphere. If you are yearning for something as a distraction from the Djent or Modern-Metal vibe taking over the world and crave a simpler time pre-covid, pre-Nu-Metal then this will definitely be your bag. 

It is just a stunning collection of melodic rich tracks that you can lose yourself in for an hour and then say to yourself “Fuck it, let’s do that again” There is a really easy on the ear musicality which flows right across the album, from the vocal delivery to the intertwining guitars it just brings a smile to your face. There is something about those impeccably balanced guitars that just resonate, the inoffensive distortion that just makes the infectious melodies shine. Expanding on their previous recordings and in the new world order that is 2020, Adam Lindmark expands on the band’s goals by explaining: “The mission with Surrender was, and still is, to prove that we’re willing and capable to make the best album we have made to date, both to our audience and fans, but equal measure to ourselves. The last couple of years have been a bit different for us, now with the global pandemic, and before that, we weren’t able to hit the road and melt as many faces as we are used to, so Surrender for us is somewhat of a mental comeback. This time, with a vengeance!”

On Surrender’s narrative drive, front-man and singer Hakim says: “We’re sticking to the old way of looking at the world through hopeless glasses. A bit of heartbreak and a reflection of the times we live in. Trying to channel what’s wrong with the world and ourselves into a snappy upbeat rock record. Rock now, cry later.”

They ain’t joking, Surrender is a beauty from start to finish, a blistering homage to days gone by when men were men and Rock bands were Rock bands. If you are ready to step back in time and embrace the beauty of old-school Rock look no further.


Surrender Is Out Now Via Century Media Records.



01.Distance Over Time

02.Letter From Allen St.


04.Evil Always Wins

05.Messin’ Up

06.Dark End of The Rainbow


08.The Loner’s Ways

09.Gonna Get Me


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