Dead City Crown // Our Blood Apocalyptic // EP Review
Dead City Crown // Our Blood Apocalyptic // EP Review8
Dead City Crown // Our Blood Apocalyptic // EP Review8
Dead City Crown // Our Blood Apocalyptic // EP Review8
Dead City Crown // Our Blood Apocalyptic // EP Review8
Dead City Crown // Our Blood Apocalyptic // EP Review8
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Formed in 2014 and hailing from Clifton, New Jersey, Dead City Crown has already been the local support for international acts, as well as funding their own tours so that they can bring their unique sound of Death Metal fused with Power Metal and Symphonic Metal to more people.

Now the six-piece band brings us the follow up to the 2019 4 track release Rex Mortuus in the form of a five-track EP that will intrigue and engage anyone who presses play.

What hits you initially is the symphonic angle of the sound as you are picked up by the sounds of the keys and the guitars before a darker and heavier drum that would usually be associated with pure Death and a deep gruff vocal, again more aligned to that of Death joins the party. This fusion of two sounds, whilst unusual, certainly works and grabs your attention.

The music continues primarily in this Symphonic and Power Metal way with the drums blurring the lines as we also head over toward the heavier and more aggressive vocal. The growling lyrics are met by soaring keys and the drums begin to hit machine pace at times, all still with this dramatic symphonic background and guitars that are happy to play both sides of the coin and do so equally well.

As we progress through the 5 tracks, spanning some 19 minutes, what may have struck you as different now feels completely normal as the fusion has been completed seamlessly and almost makes you wonder why this combination hasn’t really been heard too much or maybe that’s just because Dead City Crown has managed to do it very well.

Our Blood Apocalyptic gives you the aggression of a pure Death Metal release whilst also providing the souring fantasy sounds that accompany the more Symphonic and Power metal offerings and is sure to grab the attention of many. This 5 track has certainly got me excited to hear more by the band and intrigued to hear just how far the combinations of sounds can be pushed.

Ed Ford


Our Blood Apocalyptic is released on June 5th 2020.


Track List

1- Until the Bitter End

2- Our Blood Apocalyptic

3- Through the Ashes of Man

4- In Revolt

5- Autumn’s May

Carl Conquest – Vocals
Fabio Sisco – Guitar
Brad Harmon – Guitar
Anthony Ponce – Bass
Kyle Morrison – Keys
Jorge Hernandez – Drums


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