Dead Bundy Releases Glossy New Song, “Outta My League”

Dead Bundy Releases Glossy New Song, “Outta My League”

Pop-punk band, Dead Bundy are sharing their new track “Outta My League” on February 3 via InVogue Records. This alluring new song showcases the band’s ability to hook new listeners in with their addictive sound.

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“Outta My League” gleams through with strategically placed melodies that highlight the song’s smooth flowing tone. Lyrics take an edgier look towards the Valentine’s Day season. The track journeys through an ambient atmosphere creating a stand-out anti Valentine’s Day anthem. “Outta My League” is accompanied by a video that ties in Dead Bundy’s fearless attitudes and fun-loving nature.

“It’s rare to find a Dead Bundy video where we don’t make an ass out of ourselves and this one’s no different. Between sloppy TikTok dances, a casting couch and getting intimate with a pie – this could be our favorite one to shoot yet.” Says the band about the new video

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“Outta My League is THE anti-valentines day anthem for 2023 – an ode to anyone who’s ever felt they weren’t good enough for anyone else.” Says the band about the new track.


About Dead Bundy: Dead Bundy is a pop-punk band based out of Cleveland, Ohio. The band radiates an anarchy ridden energy, with songs that showcase their fun-loving nature. DB is able to highlight sophistication in tracks such as “When I’m High” and “Not Sorry,” off their frenzy ignited 14-track album, Not Sorry. As the band’s music continues to grow, so does their career. Being featured on this year’s Ohio is For Lovers Festival alongside pop-rock icons, Hawthorne Heights and New Found Glory, as well as a past performance at Inkarceration Festival in ’21. The band is coming off the heels of re-release, (Still) Not Sorry that presents acoustic renditions of “When I’m High” and “Better Alive” and single, “Stupid State Of Mind.” The combination of these tracks make for an album of organized chaos, complimenting Dead Bundy’s hectic spirit.

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