DEAD BROKE the new album from us, your strange pals, Like A Motorcycle out NOW!

We are stoked to be sharing “Punk Two” from our brand new album, Dead Broke, with you today.
Punk Two” is a tune about bated breath transactions, seeing the words insufficient fundsmore than the word approved, and feeling like the debt you’ve incurred is worth more than your actual life.
It’s written from the perspective of someone who has unwittingly burned all their bridges, sucked people dry, no longer has anyone to turn to for help and has no one to blame but themselves.
The line, “In the next life, first round’s on me,” perfectly sums up the sentiment and the character of this song. Always the promise squaring back up with people when it’s literally never going to happen in this lifetime.

Watch our new music video for “Punk Two” on YouTube now!

Our entire album was produced and recorded by Howard Redekopp. We live on opposite ends of the country, so sent tracks back and forth for months before we ever met in person. By the time we got to Vancouver and hit record, we ended up doing thirteen songs live off the floor in four days at Armoury Studios.
It was less that we are naturally wildly productive and more so that we could only afford to be in there for a limited duration, yet regardless, there is definitely a sense of urgency and tension that we managed to capture on this damn record.
Thanks for taking the time to listen. Fire in the hole.
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