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I have to admit, David Nail is new to me, but that is everything that I love about what I do, being exposed to new artists and music every single day, some days there just aren’t enough hours in the day to cover the sheer volume of new music that is put before you, but tonight I am making time for one David Nail, a warm Irish summers evening and some country music, a marriage made in heaven, lets do this.

Tonight I have the pleasure of ‘Best Of Me’ David’s new EP released June 30th, the EP opens with Nail’s current single and summer anthem ‘Sunset Carousel’ an upbeat, charming number that showcases Nail’s smooth vocal style with its melodic charm, free-flowing lyrics and huge enveloping chorus that consumes you the very first time you hear it. You just know you need to crank it up loud, grab that special person and dance the night away with a cold beer, everything is fine, fine, fine! ‘Wherever You Are Tonight’ is more of a slow burner, with a darker more emotive sound it pulls you in with its sultry cadence, the way that country music especially as perfectly displayed within this fine tune of Nail’s, taking you on an emotional journey within 3 minutes 14 seconds is a thing to marvel, the ability to communicate so much so effortlessly, or as it comes across so effortlessly, (but no doubt was carefully constructed by all involved to sound so effortlessly), that right there is the sheer joy of (Country) music and those who turn these recordings into 3 minutes 14 seconds of pure magic.

‘Best Of Me’ has that beautiful stripped-back approach, with an acoustic guitar and Nail’s glorious vocals which subtly begin before the ambient fill of steel guitar and the odd vocal harmony coming in and out, adding further layers to create the most perfect soundscape, a gloriously simplistic sounding track that connects right from the off, no doubt a tear-jerker for some, but not me cos I’m hard a nails! Okay, okay I got totes-emotes but only for a minute. ‘Silverado’ wraps up this beautiful EP and has a more contemporary sound with an almost electronic-sounding drum beating, Nail’s haunting vocals keeping you on your toes before a booming chorus that will have you warbling along in no time, a big sounding tune that I can only imagine will translate to the live stage perfectly completes a fine recording from start to finish. Nail may be a staple in the Nashville music scene, but it was a welcome introduction to a singer/songwriter of real quality for me.

‘Best Of Me’ is a delicious serving of country music at its best, just the right amount to reel you in and leave you wanting more, four tasty tracks that showcase everything that we love about country music today, we do live in an extraordinary time with access to an overwhelming array of music at our fingertips, so It helps when someone can point you in the right direction, and this one, ‘Best Of Me’ is well worth your time.

Best Of Me is arrives this coming Friday and you’ll find it all the usual purveyors of fine music.



Best of Me Tracklisting:

1. Sunset Carousel (David Nail, Grant Vogel, Robyn Collins)

2. Wherever You Are Tonight (David Nail, Grant Vogel, Robyn Collins)

3. Best of Me (David Nail)

4. Silverado (David Nail, Grant Vogel, Robyn Collins)



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