David Duchovny Releases New Single: ‘Layin’ On The Tracks’

Premiere On Rolling Stone

New Album ‘Gestureland’ Expected Early 2021

October 27th, 2020 – New York, NYDavid Duchovny releases a new single today ‘Layin’ On The Tracks.’  The song is available on all DSP’s and will be on the forthcoming album (Working title: Gestureland) expected for release in early 2021. Recording started this past February, pre-pandemic at Outlier Studio in update New York and is currently being finalized at The Birdhouse in New York City.  This will be the third LP from Duchovny and his band and the follow up to 2018’s Every Third Thought.

About the track:  “I just wanted to go on record in a way that was both personal and political. A kind of snapshot of my mind and where I see us but not literal. Like a photo from a speeding train. Imagistic. Personal, but not personal. Putting a stop to the runaway locomotive things as they are—-Laying on the tracks. Making music against the chaos—-laying down the tracks. Don’t forget, Laying down a groove.The personal is political and the political personal these days. Vote the bums out.”

Check out the premiere of ‘Layin’ On The Tracks’ on Rolling Stone.com:

Watch on Youtube.

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