DAUFØDT – Norwegian Hardcore/Punk Unit Announce New Album “Glitter”

DAUFØDT – Norwegian Hardcore/Punk Unit Announce New Album “Glitter”

Noway’s Daufødt return with their upcoming third album album “Glitter”, the follow up to 2022’s critically lauded “Aromaterapi” album.

Scheduled to be released on September 13 on Fysisk Format“Glitter” sees the band delivering an album that unites utter chaos with a more polished sound. Whereas the previous album was more experimental, droning, and noisy, this one has undertones of punk and catchy rock ‘n’ roll. The album spans from radio-friendly rock hits and minute-long punk songs to nine-minute-long noise rock jams – evidence of a band in constant evolution.

The album’s leading single “Jeg Vil Bare Hjem”, which the band describes as “a straightforward fucking rock song” is now playing at this location.

The band comments: “Sometimes you just need a straightforward, fucking rock song. It was tracked live, with minimal overdubs – just the sound of a rock band in a room. Maybe this is the Daufødt Goes Pop song everyone has been waiting for?”

Lyrically, the song has a different seriousness than its light-hearted rock packaging. It’s a song about how pleasing strangers sounds different when you’re an adult (and drunk). Songwriter and vocalist Annika explains:
“The song is a reckoning with the unreflective true crime genre and its curse, namely victim blaming (“she was wearing a skirt”) and the mystification of the serial offender. I’m not for American-style self-defense, but do we have a choice? When Netflix algorithms tell me about all the terrible things that have happened, and Instagram suggests products to protect me from them. Keychain weapons, a sort of placebo for safety. A strike for reverse panic alarms and a dream that you can walk home safely as long as you’re a fucking girl.”

Daufødt consists of vocalist and designer Annika Linn Verdal Homme, bassist Eskild Myrvoll, guitarist Eirik Albrethsen Reithaug, and drummer Mads Antonsen Gerzić. They have toured Scandinavia multiple times and played at numerous festivals, including Roskilde and Øyafestivalen.