DARLING BOY – Shares irresistible new single ‘Golden Number’




Conjuring more indie alchemy before 2020 is out – DARLING BOY – is back with his irresistible new single: Golden Number.


Directly following his recent release ‘Air Conditioned Gypsy’, its successor finds the alias of actor, writer, and musician Alexander Gold applying his Midas touch for 3 ½ minutes of lustrous harmonies and vintage guitar tones… With a little help from XTC legend Andy Partridge.

Inspired by a tale of fate, changing fortunes and finding yourself at a time when the odds are seemingly stacked against you; ‘Golden Number’ is a song about luck, just when it feels like it’s all running out…

With theatres and gig venues closed, 2020 has been the year from hell for those in the creative arts. And like many creatives Gold found his world suddenly turned upside down.

Id just been flown home from tour”, explains Gold, “in the Caribbean, of all places. Literally paradise on Earth: then the world went to pandemic stations and we were all boxed up and flown back to grey old London at a moments notice: a London so ghostly and unpopulated it felt like Id never been there before.”

Faced with great uncertainty for the future of his career and with pressures mounting from a number of personal troubles at home, Gold decided to put his everything into his art instead. Taking the leaden troubles that were weighing him down and transforming them into platinum style of pop, Gold hit upon ‘Golden Number’; a winning new track that immediately felt like his fortunes were about to change.

There was really only one thing to do: make art… And along came Golden Number, which just sort of fell out. I really believe it was a gift – a sonic flat-pack of love and light. It gave me my hope back.”

And so Gold refound his mojo, but also an incredible streak of luck. Sending the track to friend and supporter Mark Ellen, the legendary music journalist and broadcaster drew a comparison to new wave legends XTC. Seeing it as a sign, Gold then reached-out to the band’s iconic singer Andy Partridge for validation. To his surprise, Partridge called him back immediately and even offered his services as a producer and editor-in-absentia from then on…

We spent about two hours on the phone just talking about songwriting as a science as well as an art and he gave me some homeworkin which I was instructed to basically rip the arse out of Golden Number to make it – in Andys words – Olympic Fit. No Fat”. So I did. Then the craziest thing ever happened…”

…. as if all that wasn’t enough, the song then inspired a Darling BOY golden pilsner in Argentina. Upon hearing the refreshing sounds of Gold’s latest work, the New Doom brewery in Buenos Aires have commissioned a special ‘Golden Number’ beer in its honour.

Fate, chance, luck, call it what you like – Darling BOY has clearly struck gold with his latest outing. A gift, from the universe, via Darling BOY, to you, ‘Golden Number’ is released on 6th November 2020.






Darling BOY, or Alexander Gold, is an entirely self-taught multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and actor. He’s starred alongside Jonathan Rhys Meyers’ Joe Strummer as The Clash’s Topper Headon in the feature film London Town, and more recently named as Musical Director of the smash hit musical All Or Nothing in London’s West End having played Ian MacMcLagan of Small Faces and The Faces and is playing John Lennon as part of one of the world’s biggest cruise ships’ resident Beatles. He’s a member of The United Kingdom Ukulele Orchestra, been a guest of Dolly Parton in deepest Tennessee and asked to join two – two! – of Libertines mainman Carl Barât‘s bands. He’s been a member of Joey Ramone’s favourite band of all time, got talked out of setting up a London squat by Sex Pistol Glen Matlock, and been taken out for dinner by Moby. Gold also recently joined Supergrass’ Danny Goffey’s new band, switching between bass, guitar and drums.

One of the UK’s most promising rising solo artists, Darling BOY has released a series of must-hear singles in 2020, with new single ‘Golden Number’ the unmissable latest.

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