ATLANTA, GA  | Today darkwave duo Now After Nothing release their dynamic debut single “Sick Fix” as frontman Matt Spatial and drummer Michael Allen unveil their new project. The track, mixed by Carl Glanville (U2, Joan Jett) and mastered by John Davis (Placebo, JAMC, Suede) features pounding bass and rhythmic opening beats that nod to the band’s Sonic Youth and Bauhaus influences. Subsequently, the nuanced electronic and punk elements round out Now After Nothing’s distinct, modern take on darkwave.

The sensual instrumentals, featuring additional guitars by guest musician Mark Gemini Thwaite (Peter Murphy, The Mission UK), are met with cryptic lyrics inspired by hypocrisy and unhealthy relationships. The monumental track, worthy of darkness-laden late-night dance floors, sets the bar for more new music on the way in 2023. Spatial’s devotion to music was revived during the making of this track, which undeniably shows in the band’s intensity and attention to detail:

“I was at one of the lowest points of my life and without a musical outlet. I was damaged, defeated, and deflated. One day in New York City, riding through Central Park with earbuds in place, I rediscovered a band that didn’t initially resonate with me. Hearing them this time was different though – I felt the spark. That emotional connection to a newly-discovered piece of music was the proverbial kick-in-the-ass I needed to ‘crawl out of cracks below.’ When I arrived home, I dusted off my studio gear and opened up files of previously unfinished song ideas, one of which was a rather bare recording of just a single bass line. It caught my ear and by the day’s end, Sick Fix was complete from start to finish. Listening back to it, I felt alive again.  I felt the same spark I had felt that day in Central Park that inspired me and reminded me I had more music inside of me.  I wasn’t going to let myself wither away. Though the band name came later, Now After Nothing was really born on that day, which is why Sick Fix undoubtedly needed to be our first single.”- Matt Spatial, Now After Nothing

Atlanta-based darkwave act Now After Nothing is bringing classic influences and modernized electronic instrumentals to the present-day crowd. Frontman and multi-instrumentalist Matt Spatial brings masterful expertise to the expansive project and it’s evident in the dynamic collection of tracks that cover a vast selection of genres from punk to industrial and new wave. The influences from Bauhaus, The Cure, My Bloody Valentine, and Sonic Youth shine as he seamlessly enmeshes the best parts of those artists into a new iteration of seductive, introspective, and mesmerizing goth tracks for the next generation. Spatial intricately weaves social, political, and personal narratives within the instrumentals to add depth and darkness that resonates with lost and misunderstood souls.

What originated as a solo idea is now skyrocketing into a full-fledged project coming to fruition. Now After Nothing is poised to announce a new EP on the way that was fully written and recorded by Matt Spatial alongside drummer Michael Allen. They are also gearing up for their first upcoming live performances in 2023.

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