Dark Station // Down In The Dark // Album Review
Dark Station // Down In The Dark // Album Review 9
Dark Station // Down In The Dark // Album Review 9
Dark Station // Down In The Dark // Album Review 9
Dark Station // Down In The Dark // Album Review 9
Dark Station // Down In The Dark // Album Review 9
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For a debut album, it doesn’t come much better than this, a smooth groovy mix of alt, metalcore and hard rock. Jam-packed with riffs for days, amazing solos and vocals that are at times unbelievably melodic other times growled and screamed a great mix. “Ryse” is a pulsating affair with screeching guitars, hammering drums and a nice baseline running through while the vocals are a bit strange, cyborg springs to mind, but it does not take away from a great opening track.

“Heroes” is up next and it is another cracking track, melodic, dark with a really catchy chorus and some brilliant if understated guitars. “New Age” is a contender from track of the album with crashing drums, massive riffs and a real heavy bass line all complemented by the outstanding vocals of Nathan Spades. “Villains” is in a similar vein to its predecessor but with a darker more sinister feel to Nathan’s vocals and again as is a recurring theme on the album is the unbelievable guitar work from both David Bruno and Kyle Ort with Eric Sinful giving it everything on the bass and the pounding drums of Dylan Roy give it that something extra.

“No Life” is a real radio-friendly track and while some will moan that it strays from everything else on here it is actually a really good track, a soft easing into proceedings before the drums come crashing in accompanied by killer riffs and a classy solo, what more could you ask for. “Obvious” drags you back into the darkness with a real nasty heavy feel to it before it descends into the eerie with vocals that are half-sung/spoken before it hits the chorus that is catchy AF, it melts into madness at the midpoint with screaming vocals, grinding riffs and bass before it all calms back down. “Hollow” is a class song with sharp guitars, reverberating bass and drums with Nathan give an extra dose of power on his vocals a lá the late great Chester Bennington.

“Misery” comes at you at a million miles an hour with fantastic riffs and solos, pounding the drum and amazing vocals. “Ghost” is a real metalcore track with scratchy guitars and a hypnotic beat behind them before dropping to a more serene chorus before it explodes midway through to a grinding chugging beast which dissipates as quickly as it came. The closing track, “Visions” is packed with mega riffs and a drum and bass that compete to see who has the bigger kick, the guitars are amazing, as they are all the way through the album, and Nathan’s ability to move from clean to growled to high pitched vocals is second to none.




Down In The Dark is out 25th October do not miss it.


Dark Station is:

Nathan Spades                    Vocals

Kyle Ort                                 Guitar

David Bruno                                    Guitar

Eric Sinful                             Bass

Dylan Roy                             Drums







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