Dark Divine Share Hard-Hitting Music Video For New Song “Drown,” Announce Signing To Thriller Records

Dark Divine Share Hard-Hitting Music Video For New Song “Drown,” Announce Signing To Thriller Records

Hard-rock band Dark Divine are revealing their crushing new track “Drown” on April 7, accompanied by a cinematic music video. In addition, the band are announcing their signing to Thriller Records.

“As a band, we have always strived to keep our operation moving forward and upward. So, when we received word that we would be moving to Thriller, we were absolutely ecstatic.” The band goes on to say about signing to Thriller Records. “It’s always a good feeling to have people believe in the work you put into something, and this new signing was one of the loudest messages to us that there are people who truly believe in Dark Divine.”

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Preview the video here

“Drown” is a sensational track that hones in on Dark Divine’s ability to create the feeling of un-breathable tension. Draped in striking controlled screams that ascend into theatrical melodies which grip onto fans, taking the air out of the room for anyone who’s listening. The song’s music video douses viewers in a cinematic storyline making for an anxious watch as water is used in a strategic way.

“We wanted the first music video of the new record to pack a visual punch. New makeup, bigger locations, and more visual impact. As soon as our director Joey Durango sent over the treatment for this video, we knew that both he and the band were on the same page with what “Drown” should look like.” The band states regarding the new music video. “We are definitely proud of the quality of both the video and our performances in the video. We hope everyone enjoys the video as much as we enjoyed making it.”


“One can easily find themselves surrounded by the negative energy that they project. It then may be difficult to identify yourself as the one projecting that energy. It consumes you while it drowns you.” Lead Vocalist Anthony Martinez continues, “there are many who are accustomed to denying their involvement in the negative and try to keep their head above water. Thus, turning a blind eye to the deep ocean of the situations that they had a hand in creating.”

“Drown” can be found on Dark Divine forthcoming debut LP coming later in 2023. This will be a follow-up to the band’s EP, Halloweentown (released via InVogue Records) which garnered 4.5M streams.

The band are currently touring in support of Until I Wake on their A Tour Inside My Head, alongside label mates Catch Your Breath. Tickets are now available.


About Dark Divine: Dark Divine is: Anthony Martinez (vocals), Jason Thomas Mueller (guitar), Robby Lynch (guitar), Triston Blaize (drums) and Jarret Robinson (bass.) “Deep into that darkness peering, long I stood there, wondering, fearing, doubting, dreaming dreams no mortal ever dared to dream before.” You may recognize this passage from Edgar Allan Poe’s iconic poem, “The Raven.” Darkness has a certain divine power over us. It can instill uncertainty and fear while simultaneously enamoring us with a romanticized feeling of mystery and despair. It is a force that we are undeniably drawn to. Whether it be a horror movie, a haunted house, or a song that captures its sinister essence, darkness has a way of pulling us in and Dark Divine has mastered the art of capturing that essence. Hailing from Orlando, FL this Hard Rock act shows us a side of darkness that brings a sentiment of anguish mixed with a sincere notion of understanding. The band’s recently released singles “Circles” and “Run Away” showcases Dark Divine’s horror-driven atmosphere in a theatrical way. Conceptual ideology aside, the band brings hard hitting instrumentation and a vocal power that stands to cement the act as a fresh mainstay of the hard rock and metal genres for years to come. Dark Divine have garnered early and notable support from Octane around their song “Halloweentown.” Dark Divine has received press support from outlets such as Outburn Magazine and New Noise Magazine. “The confines of Florida have seen some absolutely epic bands make names for themselves, but it’s time to look to the future. There is a quickly rising band that is making all the right moves in all the right places. With only [an EP] currently under their belt… Dark Divine is playing all the right cards.” Says New Noise about the band. The band continues to grow their die-hard fanbase of “reapers” who show their devotion at every show. They have also recently shared the stage with Famous Last Words, Limbs and more and are embarking on their first national tour with Until I Wake and Catch Your Breath this spring. New Single, “Drown” out via Thriller Records April 7, 2023.

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