Dario Samson meets Shaun Ferguson.
The frontman Foja will host the Canadian artist
in an exclusive “Secret Love Show”
on February 14 in the historic center of Naples.

Yet Drunk of the amazing live successful party held on December 29 last year in Naples after a long European tour of nine stages – the Foja,led by Dario Samson (pictured below), continue to do research and to the network cards of international cooperation aiming to melt the Neapolitan culture with that of other peoples.
After the experience with the Spanish La Pegatina, the French Pauline Croze and the last with US BlackNoyze, the Neapolitan band in Naples will host the young and talented Canadian artist Shaun Ferguson, guitar virtuoso and singer-songwriter refined, very appreciated blues and world music circuit.
On February 13, studies at the prestigious Auditorium 900, which is the historical Phonotype Records located in the heart of the city, the Foja and Shaun Ferguson will revisit and will impact the song “Both of duje”.
Samson and the Canadian artist also seize the opportunity to perform for the first time live together.
On 14 February, Valentine’s Day, at 19.00, in a secret place of the historical center, will be held on “Secret Love Show”:

an exclusive concert with limited inputs where Dario Samson will play in intimate key the most beautiful love songs of Foja.

Shaun Ferguson
 (pictured below),   She is a Canadian guitarist and composer who, through his modern instrumental music, free and transcendent, fascinates the audience with songs that enchant. Born and raised in the Acadian Peninsula in northeastern New Brunswick, he sailed and explored various musical fields for almost twenty years. He has released two albums, “Résilience” in December 2017, while his first opera, “Ascensions” dates back to 2011.
Self-taught he always relied on his instincts learning to play, compose and explore different musical forms that harmonizes with his musical visions. Through various artistic collaborations he was able to transfer his guitar skills to many other stringed instruments, namely the cello and the bottom, as well as various percussion instruments. With a passion for art in all its forms, Shaun loves to get involved in projects that combine poetry, visual arts, dance and music.
Duranti his travels (United Kingdom, Denmark, Australia, Spain, France, South Korea, Japan, China, Czech Republic and the United States) met / crossover / absorbed and promoted art and culture; This time karma leads him to Naples and in the most multicultural city that there is in the West could only cross the Foja Dario Samson.


Listen live Shaun Ferguson:

Listen to Foja Neapolitan and Catalan:
“Dummeneca (Domingo)” feat. La Pegatina.
Listen to Foja French and Neapolitan
 “To here you appartiens”

The songs are available on Spotify, iTunes, Deezer, Amazon …

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