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For twenty-five years Danko Jones has been synonymous with high octane rock and roll with a punk kick and their latest offering “Power Trio” is no different, eighteen months of inactivity due to Covid has only spurred them on to create this absolute beast of an album. “I Want Out” kicks it all off with a belter of a track, crashing drums, cutting riffs and bass as Danko spits out the lyrics in typical fashion, absolute cracker and it doesn’t stop there. “Good Lookin’” is as ballsy and brash as you get with gritty riffs and pounding drums and Danko’s vocals on a point as usual with a killer solo and funky feel if this doesn’t get you moving get to a doc asap because your obviously dead. “Saturday” continues the sonic assault with a hard-rocking track packed with fuzzy reverb riffs, blistering drums and buzzing bass that will leave you in a heap.

“Ship Of Lies” is a punchy in your face rocker with an edgier feel as portrayed in Danko’s vocals, the grinding riffs and drums drive the track with savage power making it one of the heaviest and best songs on the album. “Raise Some Hell” is a track with a pop-rock sound to it, the usual intensity is there and while it does grow on you after a few spins it just doesn’t quite feel right. “Blue Jean Denim Jumpsuit” kicks back into gear with a chugging riff, thumping drums, a booming bassline and Danko’s trademark vocals, this is the epitome of what these guys are about; good old rock and roll. “Get To You” is catchy AF right from the off with the drums and guitar playing off against each other creating a cool groovy beat, as for the chorus; you’ll be hard pushed to find another song around at the moment that will have you screaming along to it when it rolls around again, for my money this is the track of the album, instant classic. “Dangerous Kiss” has a certain swagger about it with the bass and drums leading the way giving the track a serious kick, as Danko does what only he can, gets you pumped, with some killer vocals and a classy solo, a banging tune. “Let’s Rock Together” is a grinding rocker with dirty riffs, a heavy bassline and crashing drums, a great track and a real earworm. “Flaunt It” has a real punk feel to it, in your face with a snarling attitude that is a throwback to some of their earlier stuff, a brilliant track.

“Start The Show” is as rock and roll as you can get, there is a real swagger to the track, so much so that you can nearly see Mick Jagger or Bon Scott strutting around sing this, massive drums and bass with some killer guitar work an epic way to finish an amazing album.

“Power Trio” is out 27th of August and I can guarantee that you will be bouncing off the walls with this one as the power and energy is so infectious, forty minutes of pure unadulterated kick-ass rock and roll as it should be.

Review: Conor


Power Trio is out today via Mate in Germany / Tonpool

01. I Want Out
02. Good Lookin’
03. Saturday
04. Ship of Lies
05. Raise Some Hell
06. Blue Jean Denim Jumpsuit
07. Get To You
08. Dangerous Kiss
09. Let’s Rock Together
10. Dangerous Kiss
11. Start The Show

Discographie (studio albums only): 
Born A Lion (2002)
We Sweat Blood (2003)
Sleep Is The Enemy (2006)
Never Too Loud (2008)
Below The Belt (2010)
Rock And Roll Is Black And Blue (2012)
Fire Music (2015)
Wild Cat (2017)
A Rock Supreme (2019)
Power Trio (2021)

Line Up:
Danko Jones – Vocals, Guitars
John ‘JC’ Calabrese – Bass Guitar
Rich Knox – Drums

Danko Jones online:

Website // Facebook // Instagram // Twitter // TikTok

Danko Jones // Power Trio // Album Review
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