Danish Death Metal Band BAEST Talk New Album Necro Sapiens And The Year That Was 2020 With Rock ‘N’ Load

Danish Death Metal Band BAEST Talk New Album Necro Sapiens And The Year That Was 2020 With Rock ‘N’ Load

BAEST come from Aarhus in Denmark and have successfully established themselves as one of the country’s most promising metal acts in recent years. While deeply rooted in straight-forward classic death metal inspired by genre legends like Dismember, Entombed, Morbid Angel, Death, and Bolt Thrower, the 2015 formed band evolved from a Danish underground phenomenon to an internationally touring act (2018 tour with Abbath, 2019 EU/UK trek with Decapitated). Also, at festivals like Summer Breeze, Copenhell, Ruhrpott Metal Meeting, Roskilde, they left audiences impressed and begging for more. After their already praised debut album Danse Macabre the band took it to the next level in 2019 and delivered Venenum where they refined their already steamroller-like signature sound. 

Danish death metal band BAEST recently dropped their third full-length album Necro Sapiens.



Hi guys! I just want to say thank you for taking the time out & doing this interview, I hope you are all well!

1. For anyone who isn’t familiar with BAEST, could you please introduce yourself to the Rock ‘N’ Load readers.

We are a death metal band from Aarhus, Denmark formed in 2015. We have toured around Europe a couple of times, played festivals and released two albums so far. We are currently releasing our third album Necro Sapiens (March 5th) and are planning to be a part of the world-wide metal scene for the next fifty years or so!

2. First of all I hope you guys are doing well in the current climate. How is the situation in Denmark right now?

Thanks! We have been on total lockdown since December, but we are at the beginning of a slow re-opening. Culturally it is not going to make a difference before at least 75% of the country is vaccinated – probably by June. So no live-activity before fall maybe.

3. With the release of “Necro Sapiens” coming at the start of march could you tell the readers a little about the writing process & how it may have been difficult for the writing & recording in 2020.

We started writing the album back in December (2020) and as all of our plans for the remainder of the year slowly got cancelled, we just put all our energy into writing and being ready to record. We hit the studio in October and we spent a week recording it. This was the first time in our career that we had the whole album written before we entered the studio, so it was a really really good experience for us, and we just recorded and had fun instead of having to come up with things on the spot and being stressed. We recorded the whole thing live to give the listener the full Baest live experience – which is really what we are all about actually!

4. A lot of artists had tours booked for 2021/2022. You recently announced a full headline tour in support of the album “Necro Sapiens” with some great support slots for Philip H. Anselmo.

Are you looking forward to heading back on the road & are you hoping touring will be back to some sort of normality?’

We are really looking forward to the tour with Phil Anselmo and really hope for it to happen!

We are so much looking forward to being back on the road. This year has felt miserable for most people in the world, and when you are putting everything into creating a career based on travelling and being together with thousands of people, it gets a bit depressing to say the least. But things are starting to look bright and there is a light at the end of the tunnel. We can’t wait to be back and meet the fans and feel the energy again!

5. One of my favourite parts of “Necro Sapiens” and your past 2 albums is the massive sonic sound you have been able to create. Part old school death metal & modern-day brutal death.

Could you give us some insights into the overall sound of the album & what you were striving for?

We were striving for a more all-around production this time. We used less of the HM2 pedal on this one, and the overall production is a bit more warm and crisp. We listened to a lot of Heartwork by Carcass when we wrote the album, and production-wise you can also sense some of the inspiration there. Andreas (our producer) really managed to create something special on this one.

6. One of the nice surprises on the last album “Venenum” was the brilliant Boltthrower cover of “No Guts, No Glory”. When starting BAEST was the old school death metal sound a big influence in creating the bands sound? And if so what are some of the bands you were inspired by?

Old school death metal has been our main inspiration since day one! Bolt Thrower, Entombed, Dismember, Morbid Angel to name a few. But bands such as Mastodon and Opeth are also some of our inspirations.

7. I know in the short time of the band you have been able to sell-out tours, get some great support slots & also have won three Danish GAFFA awards. Now the bar has been set high for the release of “Necro Sapiens”, what are you hoping this album will do for BAEST?

We are definitely hoping that this record will take us to the next step – bigger tours, more festivals and larger audiences. We can already see it happening now and our fanbase is growing all around the world. So we thank the opportunity is there for us to grab! Now we just need to get rid of the virus!

8. To wrap this interview up I just want to say thank you again, is there anything you want to say to BAEST fan, readers or any bands that you want to shout out?

Hey guys! Thank you for reading and listening! Necro Sapiens arrived on March 5th and we cannot wait for you to listen to it! Hope to see you all in the nearest future!

Necro Sapiens was released on March 5th via Century Media Records. The album is available in the following formats.

  • CD Digipak – all outlets
  • Black LP+CD – all outlets
  • Digital Album – all platforms
  • Glow in the dark LP+CD (limited to 500) – Official Band Shop
  • Pink LP+CD (limited to 100) – CM Distro (SOLD OUT)
  • Olive Green LP+CD (limited to 300) – CM Distro
  • Lilac LP+CD (limited to 200) – Metalvinyl.dk
  • Deep Blood Red LP + CD (limited to 200) – all Danish outlets


Philip H. Anselmo Tour Dates:


7/24/2021           St. Petersburg A2 green concert (RU)

7/25/2021           Moscow, Adrenaline Stadium (RU)

7/29/2021           Tolmin  Metal Days (SL)

7/30/2021           Saint maurice de gourdans, Sylak Festival (FR)

7/31/2021           Utrecht, Tivoli (NL)

8/1/2021             Oberhausen, Turbinenhalle (DE)

8/4/2021             Budapest, Barba Negra (HU)

8/5/2021             Belgrade, Beogradski Sajam (SRB)

8/6/2021             Sofia, Yunak (BG)

8/7/2021             Brasov Rockstad Extreme Fest (RO)

8/9/2021             Vienna, Simm City (AT)

8/10/2021           Krakau, Studio (PL)

8/11/2021           Jaromer, Brutal Assault Festival (CZ)

8/13/2021           Derbyshire, Bloodstock Festival (UK)

8/14/2021           Kortrijk Alcatraz Festival (BE)


Necro Sapiens Tour Dates:

25.02     SE           Malmo, Plan B*

26.02     SE           Gothenburg, Valand*

27.02     SE           Stockholm, Slaktkyrkan*

04.03     DK          Aalborg, Skråen

05.03     DK          Turbinen, Randers

06.03     DK          Horsens, Horsens Ny Teater

12.03     DK          Holbæk, Elværket

13.03     DK          Kongens Lyngby, Templet

18.03     DK          Herning, Fermaten

19.03     DK          Roskilde, Gimle

20.03     DK          Sønderborg, Sønderborghus

25.03     DK          Silkeborg, Kedelhuset

26.03     DK          Esbjerg, Tobakken

27.03     DK          Odense, Posten

01.04     DK          Copenhagen, Pumpehuset – Sold out

02.04     DK          Copenhagen, Pumpehuset – Few Tickets

03.04     DK          Aarhus, Train

07.04     DE          Hamburg, Headcrash

08.04     NL          Haarlem, Patronaat

09.04     NL          Leeuwarden, Neushoorn

10.04     NL          Nijmegen, Merleyn

11.04     BE          Hasselt, MOD

12.04     UK          London, The Black Heart

13.04     UK          Manchester, Satan’s Hollow

14.04     UK          Glasgow, Audio

18.04     BE          Roeselare, De Verlichte Geest

21.04     DE          Wiesbaden, Kesselhaus

24.04     DE          Munich, Feierwerk

25.04     AT          Vienna, Escape

29.04     CZ          Ostrava, Barrak Music Club

30.04     CZ          Prague, Orthodox Club

04.05     DE          Leipzig, Naumanns

05.05     DE          Berlin, MuF

07.05     DE          Hannover, Lux

08.05     DE          Köln, MTC

04.06     PL           Mystic Festival

29.07     SL           Metal Days

06.08     BG          Sofia, Unak

12.08     CZ          Brutal Assault Festival

 * Supporting Benediction


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