Damon Johnson & The Get Ready // Battle Lessons // Album Review


Damon Johnson is back for another solo project following his highly regarded 2019 release “Memoirs Of An Uprising” which laid the foundation for yet another stellar recording this time under the guise of “Battle Lessons” 

Damo is well known for his work via Thin Lizzy & Black Star Riders and he has dropped his new album at the same time as bandmate and amigo Mr Ricky Warwick, who has also found himself at somewhat of an impasse with Covid spoiling all our fun. But these guys undeterred have brought us the fruits of their labour and we are surely grateful for that. Damo attacks his recording with all the verve you would expect a leg-end like himself to do so, pedal to the metal, the ball’s out attitude that resonates across the album with gnarly riffage in abundance and fused with a melodic backbone and executed beautifully as a seasoned pro only knows how. 

I had the pleasure of catching Damo & Ricky when they played their duo acoustic show covering everything from Lizzy to BSR and Brother Cane to The Almighty and beyond, it was a joy to witness, the bond between Johnson & Warwick was plain to see and two fine musicians working their magic is good for the soul. Much like that magic Battle Lesson’s encapsulates all that angst-ridden Rock ’N’ Roll energy that makes Damo one of the living legends of his generation. The heart of your sleeve style approach to the songwriting and sublime execution make Battle Lessons an addictive proposition. 

Whilst so many have held back with releasing new material in 2020 and early 2021 it is refreshing to see the likes of Johnson & Warwick forging ahead taking advantage of the break and recognising the need and demand for new material from their bloodthirsty fan-base. 

Damon Johnson & The Get Ready have delivered, out now and ready to be received, there are nine tasty tracks to sink your teeth into.

“Battle Lessons” Tracklist:

  1. Battle Lessons
  2. Can’t Clap Any Louder
  3. Talk Yourself Into Everything
  4. Shadow Country
  5. Let The Healing Begin
  6. Brace For Impact
  7. Lightning Bolt
  8. Love Is All You Left Behind
  9. Casual Beast


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Damon Johnson & The Get Ready // Battle Lessons // Album Review
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