Much acclaimed Southampton-based crew, DALI, set loose their explosive debut
EP, VOL. 1, on Friday 24th April, which is preceded by their blistering new
single, Borrowed Time. The rising rockers have already caught the eye of
many. With this all of this mind, we asked the guys to give us their top
favourite tracks:

DALI  are: Matt – (Lead Vocals & Guitar) Ewan – (Bass & Vocals) & Pete –
(Lead Guitar & Vocals)

Far Q – Lower Than Atlantis (Matt)
From when I first heard this song, it was a real “moment” I’d never heard or
been exposed to anything like this style before, and I knew I liked it a
lot, I felt it resonate, and wanted to recreate how I felt, when writing
within Dali.

Soap – Badflower (Matt)
It’s a good rock song, ticks all the boxes, it’s simple, it’s powerful and
executed well. Which is very hard to recreate and not come off as
“boneheaded” it’s a craft in itself and it’s something I feel as a unit
we’ve strived to do with our music. Make it powerful, with no need to over

Comfortably Numb – Pink Floyd (Pete)
Pink Floyd were huge for me growing up. I instantly became obsessed. The
guitar tones, melodies and guitar solos are something that I try to put my
own spin on for DALI. It comes from many years listening to David Gilmour.

Hurricane – Thrice (Pete)
When writing music you do come across songs you use for inspiration and for
me Hurricane is a great song to reference. The way the sections flow into
each other is something we work quite hard on. It’s the difference from
writing a good song to a great song.

Drunk – Dayseeker (Ewan)
This song really influenced our sound on this EP and particularly the single
“Borrowed Time”. We loved the jumps between ambient and mellow parts and the
roaring wall of sound moments and had that in mind when writing the EP.

Redshift – Enter Shikari (Ewan)
Enter Shikari are a band that both me and Matt love and I’m guilty of
putting their records on repeat all the time. Attempting to tap into sheer
emotion the way that Redshift does is something I think we always strive to

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