Daisy Harris to release third offering from debut album, ‘Come Home’

Daisy Harris to release third offering from debut album, ‘Come Home’

OUT: 07/01/2022

FFO: Mazzy Star, Beabadoobee, Maggie Rogers


‘What [Harris] does, with her abstract lyrics and tight musicianship, she does brilliantly.’‘[Harris] paints vivid pictures with magical lyrics whilst maintaining a sense of joy and optimism in what are often heavy themes.’

‘She has displayed her immense range through two major Eps…’

‘[Harris’s] discography is personal yet universal, she has a knack for telling intimate stories in a way that is accessible to all’

‘Harris does not shy away from implying the state of her teenage years and using the 90s sounds as inspiration’

‘The Glasgow-based singer takes inspiration from Mazzy Star and the Lemonheads, the former of which is particularly noticeable on this [BYBL] raw and local-centric track’

Creating her own unique flavour of genre-fluid music Daisy Harris takes inspiration from the likes of Th Sundays and The Lemonheads to cement her brand of indie-pop guitar music. Her impressive musicianship shines through with her multi-instrumental ability and wonderfully translates into transcendental and heartfelt music.

Harris (vocals/ guitar/ banjo/ ukulele) has already worked the showcase circuit across Glasgow and with total self-sufficiency when it comes to recording and mixing, she is set to become a prominent figure in the Manchester music scene.

Following on from her previous releases, the lovelorn ‘A24’, and emotive ‘Baby You’re Bad Luck’, ‘Come Home’ takes a deep dive into the heart-wrenching longing of being far from home. “I have to come home” Harris laments, as she adds another pleading and emotive cut to her colourful back catalogue.

Sitting firmly as the tenth number from her upcoming debut LP ‘Tornado Dreams’, the track offers soft, melancholic instruments with woozy vocals delicately layered atop.

“This song is one of my favourites I’ve ever written – emotional, quiet and close to my heart. It leans into a dreamy bedroom pop sound I love working with and features some of my most personal lyrics yet.” – Daisy Harris on Come Home


Written, recorded, and produced at home in her living room before being mastered by David Griffiths, Harris’ latest number ups the ante for her debut record.

‘Tornado Dreams’ is set for release 8th April 2022.

Available to pre-order on iTunes now.

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