Daisy Harris Releases Debut Album ‘Tornado Dreams’ OUT NOW

Daisy Harris releases debut album ‘Tornado Dreams’


FFO: Mazzy Star, Beabadoobee, Maggie Rogers


Cover Art: Emily Worms

‘What [Harris] does, with her abstract lyrics and tight musicianship, she does brilliantly.’

‘[Harris] paints vivid pictures with magical lyrics whilst maintaining a sense of joy and optimism in what are often heavy themes.’

‘She has displayed her immense range through two major Eps…’

‘[Harris’s] discography is personal yet universal, she has a knack for telling intimate stories in a way that is accessible to all’

‘Harris does not shy away from implying the state of her teenage years and using the 90s sounds as inspiration’

Creating her own unique flavour of genre-fluid music Daisy Harris takes inspiration from the likes of Mazzy Star and The Lemonheads to cement her brand of indie-pop guitar music. Her impressive musicianship shines through with her multi-instrumental ability and wonderfully translates into transcendental and heartfelt music.

Harris (vocals/ guitar/ banjo/ ukulele) has already worked the showcase circuit across Glasgow and with total self-sufficiency when it comes to recording and mixing, she is set to become a prominent figure in the Manchester music scene. Following the release of her sophomore EP ‘Wild West’ earlier this year, Daisy is set to release her first album ‘Tornado Dreams’ early 2022.

Teeming with girl-power-pop cuts, the album iet to include the previously issued tracks ‘A24 and ‘Baby You’re Bad Luck’, the LP will be a 16 track musical journey through the daring mind of our protagonist. Travelling through the ups and downs of her teenage years, the colourful tapestry plucks important moments from Harris’ youth to create and engaging and emotive narrative.

Speaking on the album, Harris divulges, “As the title suggests, this album has been a dream of mine for a very long time. I’m so excited to be able to share such a beautiful, intimate project with the world and hopefully get all my listeners dancing!”


Opening the with the melancholic and sweet harmonies Harris is known for, ‘Shona’ offers a delightful introduction into her ability to weave a narrative through acoustic instrumentation and banjo strums. A platonic love song dedicated to her best friend; ‘Shona’ perfectly translates Harris’ emotion into a delicate soundscape. Met next with the well-received sophomore single ‘Baby You’re Bad Luck’, Harris uses the cut as an outlet for her frustrations through Beabadoobee infused staccato-eque vocalisations and intense bass drones.

“I was so excited to explore a more rock-focussed sound for this song and to pour anger and frustration into a fun, upbeat song! The music video was also so much fun to make and a dream project of mine.” – Daisy Harris on ‘Baby You’re Bad Luck’


Inspired by the music stylings of Mazzy Star, ‘Gregory Crewdson’ explores Harris’ love for the arts – namely the photographer hat-tipped in the title. Featuring soft synth intonations, this love letter to her inspirations is wholly delightful.

Firmly placed at the halfway mark, the lead single A24’ boasts ‘90s nostalgia with hazy guitar riffs as Harris wears her heart on her sleeve as she lays bare her insecurities and uncertainties within a relationship.

“My favourite artists are great at writing songs that are equal parts funny and heart breaking – that’s what I wanted for A24. It’s a breakup song, but it’s also tongue-in-cheek and fun, and perfect for screaming at the top of your lungs!” – Daisy Harris on ‘A24


In a stance for female-identifying individuals around, Harris’ ‘How Would You Like It?’ takes a stab at empowerment as she calls out ‘cat-calling’ in an honest exploration of her experiences.

Tenth track Come Home’ offers soft, melancholic instruments with woozy vocals delicately layered atop. Come Home’ takes a deep dive into the heart-wrenching longing of being far from home. “I have to come home” Harris laments, as she adds another pleading and emotive cut to her colourful back catalogue.

Moving through tales of love and loss, ‘Dandelion Salad’ is a bittersweet ballad detailing a hopeful future in which Harris leaves her past behind in a bid to move on and embrace the now.

Penned as the musical equivalent of a drunk voicemail, Get Free is an ode to lockdown. Where isolation and loneliness ruled, Harris laments on the need for physical contact opposed to being stuck behind screens. Touching and raw, the track insists on taking action and not taking for granted the mundanity and simplicity of being able to see a person in the flesh.

Rounding off with the enigmatic ‘Gelato’, Harris’ journey meets an end with emphatic vocalisations with the same staccato veins as ‘BYBL’. Waving goodbye to her youth with a final hurrah, Daisy focusses on nostalgia and the simple things in life, “Oh how wonderful to be younger / To be full of unspent thunder”.

‘Tornado Dreams’ is an homage to the trials and tribulations of teenage years, of love and loss, and navigating friendships during a national lockdown. Not one to be missed, Harris’ musical maturity shines through here ability to wear her heart on her sleeve and lay bare her inhibitions.

‘Tornado Dreams’ Tracklist:

  1. Shona
  2. Baby You’re Bad Luck
  3. Your Danger
  4. Again And Again
  5. Gregory Crewdson
  6. East Midlands Soliloquy
  7. All The Time
  8. A24
  9. How Would You Like It?
  10. Come Home
  11. Dreamer
  12. Foreverforever
  13. Dandelion Salad
  14. Get Free
  15. The Boy
  16. Gelato

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