Daemonesq // The Beauty Of Letting Go // EP Review


The debut EP by upcoming Black Metal band Daemonesq is about to land and the fuck me, you really need to get on this.

The Germany based band comprise of RÆGINA on vocals, X on guitar, HELL-G on guitar, Asmoth with the bass and Corny Rambado on drums. Having formed in 2020, the female-fronted extreme band have set their sights on the top end of the Black Metal genre and to be honest, if this EP is a view into what they can do, then this is a very real possibility.

Comprised of 4 tracks, the EP spans roughly 20 minutes and every single one of those minutes is something to savour.

As the opening track ‘The Beauty Of Letting Go’ welcomes us with a steady pace but powerful and cutting guitars that have that Black Metal sharpness. Things begin to pace up and the vocal slices through the murkiness that is created by the tone of the strings and the drum. The vocal has a blood-curdling edge to it and before you know it you are thrust into an all-out quick-paced Black Metal assault. The riffs provide the gloomy and questionable atmosphere which continues into the second track and onwards. You can just imagine the live shows with a fuck ton of pyro and when it’s going to shoot upward.

‘Allure and Grandeur’ is the second track and is one that grips your soul immediately and pours bile all over it. It has everything, crushing vocals, blistering riffs and punishing drums. This is a stunning track.

‘Battleaxe’ has a tough act to follow, yet leading off with a hypnotising guitar piece before the riffs and drums come along to provide a slight groove. What happens after this is a continuation of the brilliance that Daemonesq have already displayed.

‘Displaced’ closes the EP and brings a little more gothic to the proceedings but retains everything that made the other tracks so good.

The Beauty of Letting Go is one of those offerings that make album reviewing so rewarding.

The way that the band have taken Black Metal and made their own sound is something to be applauded. The mix may not be murky like Old School Black Metal and the drums may not be as symbol-based, yet have no doubts, this is Black Metal for now and the future.

Maintaining the extreme, pain-ridden and haunting feeling that we associate with the genre, Daemonesq has everything to make them key in the world of Black Metal.

Ed Ford

The Beauty of Letting Go will be independently released by the band on February 25, 2022.


EP Tracklist:

  1. The Beauty of Letting Go
  2. Allure and Grandeur
  3. Battleaxe
  4. Displaced






Daemonesq // The Beauty Of Letting Go // EP Review
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