Daemon Grey 

   * Unleash First Single “King Of Sin“ and Video 
   * Welcome to Out Of Line Music!

Hailing from Canada, Daemon Grey’s single debut release “King Of Sin” delivers a much-needed fix of horror-inspired, drug-induced, sex-fueled rock-metal anthem filled to the energetic brim. Building off Daemon’s deadly hooks and lyrics, “King Of Sin” co-writers Mike Riley (Marilyn Manson), Gavin Brown (Three Days Grace, Billy Talent), and Kevin Thrasher (Escape the Fate) add their unique flare to create a devilishly delicious and completely original musical brew. The album “King Of Sin will be released later this year via Out Of Line Music.

“The first single “King of Sin” is all about entering the scene with a blasphemous bang, unifying music fans in celebration of our primal, sinful desires. F*ck the status quo and let the good times roll! 

We live and then we die. In between, we may as well rock.”

– Daemon Grey – 

Watch the video for “King Of Sin” here

Daemon comments: “It was shier good luck that Out of Line saw one of my earliest live shows, appreciated the dichotomy of my music and delivery, and saw potential for the project. It’s amazing to be part of a label that is raw, edgy, and filled with real artists carving their own path. Life is interesting… sometimes you find your extended family in another continent!”

Stream or get the single “King Of Sin” digitally here


Daemon Grey is your passage into the land of all things delightfully evil, bloody, and infinite. Daemon lives by the code of equivalent extremes on the edge of light and darkness. Daemon plays in the realm beyond good and evil, beyond life and death, beyond pleasure and pain. Daemon Grey symbolizes the cathartic healing power of heavy music to liberate our carnal desires and untamed souls while enjoying every moment.




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