Daedric Ignites Industrial Fire On FIXT Radium Debut With “Wretched” Music Video

Daedric Ignites Industrial Fire
On FIXT Radium Debut
With “Wretched” Music Video
New Single Out Now

Los Angeles, CA – Led by Kristyn Hope, Texas-based industrial metal group Daedric makes their debut on FiXT Radium as the label’s first female-fronted act with “Wretched.” Dropping an alluring official music video overlaid with thunderous rhythms, hulking guitar riffs, swirling electronics, and a stunningly beautiful vocal performance from Kristyn Hope marks the triumphant entry of “Wretched.” Drawing from a wide variety of genres including metal, electronic and industrial, “Wretched” establishes the project as a musical force to be reckoned with and sets a promising stage for a series of great tracks to follow.

Watch The Official Music Video On YouTube:

“At the start of this project, the team had a handful of good song ideas in progress, but Wretched immediately stood out so we went all in. As production started and everything fell into place, we knew this was the perfect song to launch the project. Everything that Daedric is, this song has.” – Daedric

“Wretched” is out now on all platforms from independent electronic rock label FiXT Radium.

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About Daedric

Daedric is an audacious creative venture from Dallas/Fort Worth-based vocalist and artist, Kristyn Hope, known for her work as the singer and videographer for the 4-piece progressive rock band, Aesop.

Daedric draws inspiration from an eclectic array of sources including David Bowie, Anthony Green of Circa Survive, Sia, and the popular open-world role-playing game series Elder Scrolls, from which the Daedric name is derived.

In her own words, “It’s a cool ass name and I like villains.” 

As Daedric, Kristyn works closely with producers Geoff Rockwell and Clay Schroeder to develop a mix of throwback synths blended with contemporary rock and metal, forging a powerful sound that is uniquely her own.

Kristyn launched the Daedric project in 2021 through a partnership with electronic rock label FiXT Radium. “Wretched,” the artist’s first single from the upcoming full-length album, is a searing creation infused with equal power and beauty, establishing Daedric as a fiery new act to watch.


About FiXT

FiXT is an internationally recognized, 100% independent artist-owned record and publishing company, founded in 2006 by artist/producer Klayton (CelldwellerScandroidCircle of Dust). FiXT’s mission is to deliver world class music, label services, customer service, and fan experiences, connecting artists to global audiences. FiXT operates 3 label divisions across various genre segments, FiXT RadiumFiXT Neon, and FiXT Noir.

FiXT Radium is the company’s rock/metal division featuring the artists The AlgorithmThe AnixBeckoCelldwellerCircle of DustDaedricFight The FadeI Will Never Be The SameNitrovertsNUTRONICRaizerRichy NixSeething AkiraSoul ExtractVoicians, and Void Chapter.

FiXT Neon is the company’s synthwave, indie pop and chillwave division featuring the artists Ace MarinoThe Bad DreamersCassetterDEADLIFEEssengerFreqGenFury WeekendLeBrockMega Drive,
Moonrunner83Nouveau ArcadeOVRGRWNPolyarkPRIZMScandroidSignal Void, and Young Medicine.

FiXT Noir is the company’s EDM division featuring releases from CelldwellerToronto Is BrokenBiometrixTeddy KillerzKJ SawkaBeckoAktiveTenebraxGlacierElliot BergerSocial KidBVLVNCEZardonicBlossoEveren MaxwellSimilar OutskirtsTadeuszEverything Must GoA_RivalToo KindIan SnowTottoDeuce & ChargerPunkerGazzFoxhuntMatt NeuxNatty CampbellKillin VoidAsteroid AfterpartyKYBTimianNeddieMattshNVFNALShaded GrainsOnly Kidding, and more.

FiXT’s catalog of music has garnered over 2.5 billion online streams connecting with a core audience of gamers, sci-fi enthusiasts, and comic book fans and serves a worldwide fanbase in over 150 countries, reaching millions of listeners each month.

FiXT’s catalog has received over 1,000 Film/TV/Video Game and advertising sync placements, including: WestworldPower RangersLexusToyotaSuicide SquadIron ManRobocop, Jack ReacherDeadpoolJohn WickGuardians of the GalaxyPacific RimCall of DutySynth RidersAssassin’s CreedNeed For SpeedRazerDead RisingUFC and more.

FiXT Radium: 
FiXT Neonhttps://fanlink.to/followfixtneon
FiXT Noirhttps://fanlink.to/followfixtnoir

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