Cornwall’s finest psychedelic stoner rock band, Cybernetic Witch Cult, will release a new studio album this December following an extensive tour and video premiere in October.

As seen live at Bloodstock Open Air and headlining 2018’s HRH’s Doom V Stoner Festival second stage; Cybernetic Witch Cult’s third album ‘Absurdum ad Nauseam’ sees the trio focusing and honing in on key sonic elements to elevate their own unique perception and create a heavier experience for listeners, without losing the progressive and 70s influences the band are well known for.

Watch ‘The Myth of Sisyphus’ (official music video):
Watch ‘Cromagnonaut’ (official music video): 

“There is no denying though that this album is quite a dark one for us as it has come from a general consensus of dread within the band about what the future holds for humanity”, explains vocalist/guitarist Alex Wyld“However, we have tried to poke some fun into the absurdity of it all. We like to think each song has some meaning and hope that our listeners will enjoy exploring some of the sonic themes.”

With this new album, Cybernetic Witch Cult have produced their most complete work to date and built on the foundations of progressing their own sound in riff drenched science fiction (including Hitchikers Guide To The Galaxy, 2001: A Space Odyssey, and Dune) that musically drifts in whatever direction the mood of the band and its members take.

Intelligent, progressive whilst accessible, the songs on ‘Absurdum ad Nauseam’ reflect on troubling times in the world, notably climate change. Wyld says, ” I first took climate change seriously at university in 2010: During my Astrophysics degree I opted for a course called ‘Energy and the Environment’ and during our first lecture a student asked the professors “what are our chances like?” and the lecturers gave a solumn look to each other and said “very bleak with the current state of affairs”, everyone had a solumn feeling after that lecture and I think the state of things have gotten worse since then.

It’s tragic to see that while there’s more general awareness of the crisis now, theres also more (non factual) vocal opposition to climate science and crazy talk of conspiracy theorys.
I do worry for the future, and I think that’s partly why this album turned out so much heavier and more serious than our older material. But you have to hope that things will improve and that the people who are in power will start to actually make some policy changes to safeguard our civilisation’s future.”

Cybernetic Witch Cult’s new album was recorded, mixed and mastered at ‘The Cro’s Nest’ in London by Sam Thredder (Slabdragger).The album’s unique artwork was designed by Aimee Wyld at Unlikeness Art.

‘Absurdum ad Nauseam’ is released 6th December 2019. Pre-order it here: 


1. Intro
2. Hypercomputer (Part 1)
3. Cromagnonaut
4. The Cetacean
5. The Ivory Tower
6 . Spice
7 . The Myth of Sisyphus
8 . Hypercomputer (Part 2)

Tour dates:

18th October – FALMOUTH – Jacobs Ladder
19th October – BANBURY – The Wheatsheaf
20th October – CROYDON – The Ship
21st October – PLYMOUTH – The Underground
22nd October – EXETER – The Cavern
23rd October – PORTSMOUTH – Edge of the Wedge
25th October – WEYMOUTH – Finns
26th October – SOUTHAMPTON – Firehouse
28th October – BRISTOL – The Lanes
31st October – NEWQUAY – Whiskers
2nd November – LONDON – The Unicorn
30th November – YEOVIL – The Railway Inn
14th December – LONDON – The Black Heart
20th December – PLYMOUTH – The Junction

Cybernetic Witch Cult are:

Alex Wyld – Vocals & Guitar
Doug MacKinnon – Bass Guitar
Lewis May – Drums & Percussion

Connect with Cybernetic Witch Cult:

Official Website:
You Tube:


Cybernetic Witch Cult are a Stoner Metal/Psychedelic Rock trio from the South West of England, taking influences from 70’s Rock, Stoner, Sludge, Prog Rock, and Doom Metal.
Formed in 2015, the band has self-released a demo and 2 studio albums, with their new album ‘Absurdum ad Nauseam’ out 6th December 2019.

The band have embarked on several UK tours, travelling to over 100 UK venues touring and playing with the likes of Doctor Cyclops, Morass of Molasses, Ritual King, and Lacertilia in tow on headline and co-headline outings.

Having started as a fun live project (the first gigs featuring tinfoil hats, inflatable dinosaurs and a robot prop made of an inflatable sex doll, tinfoil, radio parts and lasers) the band have quickly progressed and ‘found their sound’ in riff drenched science fiction that can musically drift in whatever direction the mood of the band and it’s members take.

Cybernetic Witch Cult have appeared at many all-day events and festivals across the country, most recently including headlining the second stage at HRH Doom Vs Stoner at the Sheffield O2 Academy. In previous years they have performed at Bloodstock Open Air (M2TM Bournemouth Jägermeister stage), Facebarmageddon and Surplus Festival amongst others. Having shared the stage with the likes of Blood Ceremony, Karma to Burn, Acid Mothers Temple, Duel, Ecstatic Vision, Tribulation, Purson, Elephant Tree, Doctor Cyclops, Acid Reign, Hawklords, Wight, and Skraeckoedlan, Cybernetic Witch Cult are constantly furthering their stories of invasions, time travel, space and cult horror to new and return audiences alike.

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