Currents // The Way It Ends // Album Review
Currents // The Way It Ends // Album Review 9
Currents // The Way It Ends // Album Review 9
Currents // The Way It Ends // Album Review 9
Currents // The Way It Ends // Album Review 9
Currents // The Way It Ends // Album Review 9
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Currents return with their latest offering The Way It Ends, an apt title for these very uncertain times. As always the band blends their melodic and chaotic musicality perfectly with dark emotive song-writing and angst-laden recordings. The albums self-titled track/monologue opens up to set the stall for what is to follow. ‘A Flag To Wave’ batters you from start to finish with its hefty pummelling drum patters, technical guitar work, and guttural vocals and you know you are once again in the midst of a fine Currents recording. ‘Poverty Of Self’ brings the noise with a barrage of riffs and dark vocals delivery to make for a powerhouse track. ‘Monsters’ hits you right between the eyes with its in your face opening, it demands your full attention and then the melodic vocal delivery softens the sound before the bridge kicks in delivering a savage message. 

The production is sublime to allow you to fully immerse yourself in these brutal sounding recordings, crank it up and feel the air move from the hefty riffage, powerhouse vocals and quality songwriting. Lose yourself in these heavy tracks, emotive, passionate recordings that push and pull at you, and in a time where so much uncertainty surrounds us The Way It Ends is the perfect soundtrack to carry you through to the other side. Following up on 2018’s I Let The Devil In and 2017’s Full-length The Place I Feel Safest their latest offering shows the development and cohesive sound that Currents have forged over previous years. 

This latest offering The Way It Ends is a sign of both their progress and of what is to come, a behemoth sounding album that drives home the strength of their sound, the brutality unleashed across eleven blistering tracks that you have to hear, this album simply cannot be ignored. 


The Way It Ends, out June 5 via SharpTone Records.



“A Flag to Wave”

“Poverty of Self”


“Kill the Ache”

“Let Me Leave”



“Second Skin”

“How I Fall Apart”

“Better Days”



Brian Wille — Vocals

Chris Wiseman — Guitar

Ryan Castaldi — Guitar

Christian Pulgarin — Bass

Matt Young — Drums


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