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Once again, the four-piece band come together from Canada and Sweden, by filling the vast distance with the remote creation of music. The Blackened Industrial Doom Metal band have been using this method since their formation in 2008 and the following year saw the release of the debut LP Below The Thunders of the Upper Deep.

Incredibly there was an EP ready to release in 2010 titled Of Death and Ritual and following a three-year break in releases, 2013 was the time for the second full length offering Oblique To All Paths which led to the beginning of the relationship with Season of Mist and then 2019 the mini-album Vespertina Synaxis; A Prayer for Union and Emptiness.

Using the personal psychological and physical difficulties that the band have been experiencing as the motivation and influence for this, the third full length and Nous continues to build on the Doom, Black Metal and Industrial influences as they explore religion and conspiracy theories and as the album begins, following a brief intro, the muffled Doom begins with extreme ferocity.

The impact that the power down-tuned guitars hit you with is incredible and that is reinforced by a crushing drum and then an aggressive and abrasive vocal that finalises the Industrial Death Doom sound. The intensity of the sound continues to squeeze your head from the start and won’t let go of its grip, so it may be best to grab some pain relief if you are already experiencing discomfort.

The meaningful and steady pace that the band adopt helps to hammer home the blasphemous lyrics as they rattle around your head bouncing off the vibrations of the music and working the way into the core of your being as the 10 tracks grind through the 64 minutes in a relentless fashion.

The combination of the three sub-genres of Metalwork perfectly and complement each other as they almost encourage each other to delve further whilst seamlessly fitting together. This multi-layered no-frills juggernaut will batter you from pillar to post and laugh at you as it does so, but you won’t want it to end. The international band have created a crusty sound with rotten and questionable content that you can’t help but to enjoy and want to listen to again.

Ed Ford


Nous will be released Friday 26th February 2021 via Season of Mist.


1. Lowest Class [7:47]
2. Lifers [4:59]
3. One Last Smoke [4:45]
4. Ankle Deep [5:29]
5. Black Bird [5:28]
6. Opiate the Hounds [4:14]
7. Maze [8:07]
8. Crown of Lies [6:40]
9. The Grid [7:36]
10. Crush My Soul (Godflesh cover) [8:41]
 Album Length: 63:00

Matthew Friesen – guitar, bass, keyboards, noise and percussion
Michael Klassen – guitar, bass keyboards, noise and percussion
Kevin Stevenson – drums and percussion
Daniel Jansson – Vocals and noise

Vocals and sound recorded at Culted home studios in Gothenburg, Sweden and Winnipeg, Canada. Drums were recorded at Bedside Studios in Winnipeg, Canada.

Producer / sound engineer:
Vocals and sound produced and recorded by Culted
Drums recorded by Len Milne
Mixing studio and engineer:
Culted via home studio
Mastering studio and engineer:
John Golden at Golden Mastering in California, USA (Neurosis, Melvins, Sonic Youth)

Guest Musicians:
Jay Gambit (Crowhurst): Additional sound treatment on “Crush My Soul”

Cover Art: Ettore Aldo Del Vigo


Culted // Nous // Album Review
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