Cult Of Luna // The Long Road North // Album Review


There has to be something special about a band to allow them to be so integral in a scene over two decades after their initial appearance. The fact that Cult Of Luna has its own sound is a testament to forging your path and sticking with what feels right.

Following up the 2021 EP The Raging River, which bridged the gap between the 2019 album Dawn To Fear and now, the Swedish band have created an epic 9 track album that spans 69 minutes. Not being afraid to venture into the eight-minute arena, each track has its space to breath and grow, in ways that many others don’t feel comfortable with, or don’t have the talent.

With an album title that symbolizes the mental journey taken by the band’S frontman, beginning a few years ago, you press play and feel yourself being whisked away into another’s world and begin to feel things that are alien to you.

Opening up with pummeling drums and striking guitars, you feel like you are being hit by a tsunami before a crushing vocal scars everything in it path. This immediately feels like a battle cry and as the track develops, we experience a little more melody but even that has some serious edge to it. Combining so many different influences of metal into one sound is a beautiful thing that Cult Of Luna has managed to do on a consistent basis and are yet again showing how brilliant they are.

As the near 10minute opener ends and you try to figure out what journey your brain has been taken on, the follow up is over 7 ½ minutes long as well, so you’d best strap that grey matter in as you are going to be whisked away on another musical journey like so few others.

As much as some might be put off with track lengths, you really should invest the time as with any great music, the time you put in you get back tenfold and this is the perfect example of that. Whether it be raging or melodical, your emotions fluctuate with the music as you are completely plugged into what is going on.

The Long Road North is an emotional rollercoaster that is stunningly emotive. You will experience feelings that will be unusual and even uncomfortable at times but also you will be provided with an outlet for those hidden ones.

Cult Of Luna has created something stunning.

Ed Ford


The Long Road North will be released Friday 11th February 2022 via Metal Blade Records.


  1. Cold Burn
  2. The Silver Arc
  3. Beyond I
  4. An Offering to the Wild
  5. Into The Night
  6. Full Moon
  7. The Long Road North
  8. Blood Upon Stone
  9. Beyond II

Cult Of Luna line-up:
Johannes Persson – Guitars, Vocals
Andreas Johansson – Bass
Thomas Hedlund – Drums & Percussion
Fredrik Kihlberg – Guitars, Vocals
Kristian Karlsson- Keyboards, Vocals
Magnus Lindberg – Production

Cult Of Luna online:

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