Crystal Lake - “Helix” - Album Review
Crystal Lake - “Helix” - Album Review 8
Crystal Lake - “Helix” - Album Review 8
Crystal Lake - “Helix” - Album Review 8
Crystal Lake - “Helix” - Album Review 8
Crystal Lake - “Helix” - Album Review 8
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The fifth album from Japan’s premier metalcore brigade is an absolute belter, from the cyborg intro ‘Helix’ to the final strains of ‘Sanctuary’ it just melts faces with serious speed, power and absolute precision. ‘Aeon’ flies out of the traps with such brutality that you need a second to gather your senses as it is blisteringly fast with Ryo Kinoshita channelling his inner Max Cavalera to deliver savage vocals.

‘Agony’ gives you more of the same ferocity as its predecessor but with a subtle difference of layered vocals interspersed throughout, third track in and still you feel the need for more. ‘+81’ gives you that more but it shows that these guys can mix things up a bit sound wise, while still heavy it’s not as savage and has more of an anthemic feel to it, a real solid track. ‘Lost In Forever’ starts out sounding like a million other metalcore songs from a million other metalcore bands and while that feeling never leaves in the song but with Ryo giving it up big time with vocals ranging from clean to screaming backed up with nice groovy guitar they give it their own unique sound.

‘Outgrow’ is a slow burner that has some seriously melodious riffs and an easy pace drum beat with pianos thrown in for good measure, the type of song that wouldn’t be amiss on a Linkin Park album, a nice break from the norm. ‘Hail To The Fire’ has a Sepultura, Soulfly, Cavalera Consipracy tribal feel to it and whether it’s a nod to these guys or not it doesn’t matter because it is an absolute stormer, brutal an savage in equal amounts. ‘Devilcry’ is very similar to ‘Outgrow’ but with a bit more of a punch to it. ‘Just Confusing’ is as the title suggests, confusing and will have you reaching for your phone thinking it’s ringing as a vibrating phone is how this starts out an the goes on to something that feels like it should be on a Blink 182 album.

‘Sanctuary’ closes the album out much the same way it started, kicking and screaming and it is not a bad way to go. Sounding tight and as invigorating as it does at the start of the album it is well worth a listen


Helix is out Feb 8th



1. Helix 0:11
2. Aeon 3:13
3. Agony 5:07
4. +81 3:19
5. Lost In Forever 4:09 6. Outgrow 4:02

7. Ritual 0:26
8. Hail To The Fire 3:09 9. Devilcry 4:25
10. Just Confusing 3:11 11. Apollo 5:12
12. Sanctuary 4:00


Crystal Lake is

Ryo Kinoshita                  Vocals

Yudai Miyamoto                  Lead guitar

Shinya Hori                           Rhythm guitar

Gaku Taura                           Drums

Bitoku Sakamoto                  Bass guitar

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