CRUSADIST Announce ‘Quest for the Unholy Grail Tour MMXX’ / Drum Playthrough Video Released
Chicago (IL) – Death/Thrash Metal quintet Crusadist, in cooperation with World Forge Booking and Touring, will embark on the ‘Quest for the Unholy Grail Tour MMX’ in March. Confirmed dates thus far are as follows:
3/20 – Cleveland, OH @ Now That’s Class
3/21- Turtle Creek, PA @ Sub Alpine
3/22- Bristol, CT @ Bleachers
3/23- Montclair, NJ @ The Meatlocker
3/24- Richmond, VA @ Wonderland
3/25- Harrisonburg, VA @ Brother’s Brewery
3/26- Chesapeake, VA @ The Riffhouse Pub
3/27- Raleigh, NC @ The Maywood
3/28- Augusta, GA @ Mosh Pit Grille
3/29- New Port Richey, FL @ The Verona
3/30- Gainesville, FL @ Durty Nelly’s
4/1- Atlanta, GA @ 529
4/3- Cincinnati, OH @ Northside Yacht Club
The band has also released a drum playthrough video for the song “A Moonlit Brigade.” Featuring drummer Jason Rak, the video was filmed by Masky Masky at Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery in Chicago IL! You can check it out at the following location:
Crusadist released The Unholy Grail on November 29, 2019. Stream and/or purchase at the links below.
“Crusadist play Death/Thrash Metal and they do so with a vengeance. Crusadist are the real deal, folks!” (9.5/10)
– Amps and Green Screens
“This is seriously addictive, hair windmill, devil horns to the sky mandatory material.” (8.5/10)
– Dead Rhetoric
“The Unholy Grail is one of the best thrash metal albums I’ve heard in 2019.”
– Metal Trenches
“An intelligent combination of Death Metal in the vein of Floridian scene with catchy and energetic elements from Thrash Metal.” (8/10)
– Metal Temple
“Death thrash metal whirlwind that will break your head with your spine!”
– Deadly Storm Zine
“Crusadist masterfully blend thrash and death metal with traditional heavy metal. From headbanging riffs and brutal vocals to blistering solos and pummeling drums, this album has it all.”
– The Metal Experience
“Their combination of modern death and old school thrash topped with plenty of shredding guitar solos makes for a compelling debut.”
– Heavy Music Headquarters
“The nine songs feed on thrash, death and black metal alike and are bursting with aggression and enthusiasm.”
– Heavyhardes
“Forged in the fires of death and thrash! A damn fine introduction to the band’s brand of aural aggression.”
– Worship Metal
 “Rare is it that an album digs its claws in, deep, from an initial listen. This is one of those rare examples. Keep an eye on these folks, theirs is a name I’m expecting to hear a great deal of in the immediate future following the unleashing of this unholy, snarling, beast.”
– CultMetalFlix
“Melodic death/thrash delivered in a punishing manner, while keeping the songs catchy.”
– Metal Nation
“Crusadist have immediately made a meteoric impact on the international metal community.”
– Hated One Metal Reviews
“Stars in the making!”
– Noob Heavy
“Crusadist deliver their own amalgam of music styles. Thrash metal, death metal, touches of traditional heavy metal, loaded with melodic leads, dipped in darkness and topped off with raw aggressive vocals!”
– Permafrost Today
“An interesting album with complex structures and thrash’n’death elements.”
– HardRockHeavyMetal
In March of 2019 Crusadist entered Belle City Sound in Racine, Wisconsin to begin recording The Unholy Grail with producer/engineer Chris Djuricic (Origin, Jungle Rot, November’s Doom, Gorgasm, Against The Plagues). Mixing and Mastering duties were then handled by Jeramie Kling ( The Absence, Venom Inc.) and Taylor Nordberg (The Absence, Soilwork) of Smoke and Mirrors Productions in Spring Hills Florida. The cover art was created by Swedish Artist Par Olofsson (Immolation, Exodus, Unleashed, Aborted, Braindrill, Against The Plagues).
Formed in July of 2017, by Founding members Shaun Albro, Aaron Nobles and Kevin Ariel. In February of 2018, Drummer Jason Rak joined the group. After countless auditions and failed attempts to find a second guitarist, they decided to record a 3-song demo to showcase the style and to find the missing piece. The recording took place at Iron Hand Audio in Chicago, Illinois and was recorded by Dan Klein. Guitarist Luke Sever agreed to help with the recording and went on to write and record the solos on the demo. Once the demo was finished, it was obvious that the search was over.
Now that everything was falling into place, the band started accepting show offers and began to book shows both locally and regionally. Performing in the surrounding states and opening for national and international acts such as Exmortus, Hatchet, Micawber, The Absence, Depths of Hatred, Kalmah, Vried, Homewrecker, Empyrean Throne, Nile, Terrorizer and Vital Remains. During this time the band continued to write material with plans to record a full-length album.  That album turned into The Unholy Grail.

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