Crowbar // Zero and Below // Album Review


None Heavier. A motto that has capsulated Crowbar since their inception in 1990.

Recently celebrating 30 years as one of the pioneers in the sludge metal scene, and well deserved shall i say. The band are releasing the follow up to 2016’s “The Serpent Only Lies”.

From the first & last palm muted chug on this album, it’s Crowbar through and through. “The Fear That Binds You” the opening track sets the standard.

A track that has the bouncy & rich groove Crowbar always brings to a track. But this is more slow paced, as is the whole album.

Taking a cue for the bands perfect albums like “Odd Fellows Rest” & “Time Heals Nothing” this latest release has a bulldozer pace & crushes everything in its way.

“Her Evil Is Sacred” shows what a tight unit the band has become over the last few years with its current line up. As always a phenomenal drum sound & performance by legend Tommy Buckley.

The powerhouse of Kirk Windstein & Matt Brunson on guitars, Shane Wesley’s thick & punchy bass tone that cuts through adding an element that works with Tommy Buckley’s thunderous drum tones.

The first single from the album “Chemical GODZ” picks up the pace with a reckless & thumping intro before it melds into a “The Lasting Dose” style verse section. Making you feel the album’s title, Zero & Below. As the track slows down it feels cold & chilling.

Hearing Kirk’s signature sultry tones over these epic lead riffs in the bridge shows how well Crowbar can make an absolute heavy track as well as blending the sombre tones of say Peter Steele’s Type O Negative.

The next single “Bleeding From Every Hole” is for the pitters.

The most pissed off track on the record.

“In my twisted brain..” Kirk screams as the band bring in the chugging destructive riffing & open up the track for the fans to beat each other to a pulp ha!

The stand out track for me & my favourite is “Crush Negativity”.

Quickly becoming my 3rd favourite ever Crowbar track after “To Build A Mountain” & “Vacuum”.

A ruthless track that consumes the listeners eardrums. Even for a track so heavy its positive lyrical theme uplifts it to one of the band’s best tracks in recent years. Don’t skip this one!

This is undoubtedly one of Crowbar’s heaviest albums in recent years.

Like classic albums in the band’s legacy “Zero and Below” has its feet firmly planted in the bands DNA, a slower & more bleak album that reminds the world Crowbar are still the heaviest band on the planet.

Joseph Mitchell

Zero & Below is out 4th March 2022 via MNRK


1. The Fear That Binds You

2. Her Evil Is Sacred

3. Confess To Nothing

4. Chemical GODZ

5. Denial Of The Truth

6. Bleeding From Every Hole

7. It’s Always Worth The Gain

8. Crush Negativity

9. Reanimating A Lie

10. Zero and Below


Kirk Windstein – Vocals / Guitar

Matt Brunson – Guitar

Shane Wesley – Bass Guitar

Tommy Buckley – Drums

Crowbar // Zero and Below // Album Review
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