Crostpaths Enlist the Help of Hacktivist and Dropout Kings on Genre-defying New Single ‘Plain Sight’

Crostpaths Enlist the Help of Hacktivist and Dropout Kings on Genre-defying
New Single ‘Plain Sight’

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 Today, UK based alternative rock band Crostpaths unleash their blistering genre bending new single ‘Plain Sight’ featuring Adam Ramey (Dropout Kings), Hessian Renegade and Jot Maxi (Hacktivist).

As we look towards the future of rock and metal, it is hard to ignore projects like this. U.S trap metallers Dropout Kings recently signed to the independent powerhouse label Suburban Noize Records, while Hacktivist have been making waves and obliterating festival stages up and down the UK for a few years now. ‘Plain Sight’ is sure to cement Crostpaths among this elite of next generation metal acts who are simultaneously recapturing the uncompromising creative explosion found in the alternative rock and nu metal scene throughout the 90s and early 2000’s, while each adding their own unique, never-heard-before twists.

When asked about the song, Crostpaths lead vocalist Ritchie Murray Jack said:

“Plain Sight is 3 minutes of pure catharsis for us, both as bandmates and as human beings.
Musically it was created for pure fun, with no genre boundaries. Lyrically it’s a no holds barred, introspective view of how we all battle our personal demons. We cannot thank Adam Ramey (Dropout Kings), Conor Moore (Hessian Renegade) and Jot Maxi (Hacktivist) enough for being so bold with their emotions on our track. We hope it’s as fun and cathartic for the listener to hear it, as it was for us to make it.”

Crostpaths launched their eponymous debut EP to the public during the autumn of 2019. Touring began with an inaugural live performance on Valentine’s Day 2020, opening for Seething Akira in Canterbury. Subsequent shows were immediately cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic which shook the world to its core. Despite this setback, Crostpaths continued to plough forward during the summer of 2020 by collaborating with local allies in apatternimperfect and Weatherview for the reimagined versions of ‘Meridian’ and ‘Bulldozer’. This flurry of activity was swiftly followed by the sophomore EP ‘Mutated’, which received glowing reviews across the underground press, whilst both singles ‘Rampage’ and ‘Defiant’ gained the attention of BBC Radio amongst many other stations. Fast forward to summer 2021 as Crostpaths launch their colossal collaboration track ‘Plain Sight’ featuring Hessian Renegade, Adam Ramey of Dropout Kings and Jot Maxi of Hacktivist.

Crostpaths will return to the stage this August, opening for Danish post-hardcore heroes Siamese on August 6 at Leo’s Red Lion in Northfleet, Gravesend, UK.

‘Plain Sight’ by Crostpaths feat Adam Ramey (Dropout Kings) x Hessian Renegade x Jot Maxi (Hacktivist) is available to stream and download from all major platforms from June 11.

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