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Crooked Shapes release their amazing self-titled debut album on the 19TH November, a nine-track all killer no filler offering that will blow your mind; a funky blend of blues, hard rock and grunge, a mix that probably should not work but it does and really well at that.

The trio have a real groove going on and it manifests itself in every track on the album; opener “Fire” is a kickass rocker with a massive bassline and killer riffs, the power these guys generate for three-piece is unbelievable and it is even more evident in “Leave Me For Dead” a grungy rocker with balls, Twydell’s vocals are really strong as he lays it all out. There are two songs that fight it out for track of the album; “Appetite” and the closer “Don’t Look Back”, the former in my book wins it but only just, it’s a hard rocker with a funky riff, booming bass, thumping drums and a great sing-along chorus, top-notch. The title track is a heavy groove-laden instrumental that showcases the band’s talent that leads nicely into “Chains In My Mind”, keeping the heaviness there is a doomier feel to the track which plays nicely off Twydell’s vocals and the melodic harmonies, a nifty solo thrown in turns this track into a great song. “Fallout” and “Fly” are two bluesy rockers, that would not be amiss on a Foo Fighters album, with killer guitar work combined with thumping bass and drum line as Twydell kills it on vocals, while “Rise Again” brings the heat with a punchy groove-filled track. The album closes with “Don’t Look Back” a seriously melodic bass-heavy track that hits all the right spots, the guitar work is amazing while the drums just crush, a monster track.


This is one hell of a debut album!

Review: Conor

Self produced by the band, Crooked Shapes is released on 19th November 2021.

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Album tracklist:

1. Fire
2. Leave Me For Dead
3. Appetite
4. Crooked Shapes
5. Chains In My Mind
6. Fallout
7. Rise Again
8. Fly
9. Don’t Look Back.

Crooked Shapes are:

George Twydell – Guitar + Lead Vocals
George ‘Ivesy’ Ives – Bass Guitar + Backing Vocals
Craig Carlaw – Drums + Backing Vocals


Official Website:
Facebook: @crookedshapes
Instagram: @crookedshapes
Twitter: @crookedshapes

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