Crobot - Motherbrain - Album Review
Crobot - Motherbrain - Album Review9
Crobot - Motherbrain - Album Review9
Crobot - Motherbrain - Album Review9
Crobot - Motherbrain - Album Review9
Crobot - Motherbrain - Album Review9
9Overall Score
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Crobot is one of those bands that slowly but surely build their fan base, a rock-solid foundation for them to build upon. The groundwork began in 2011 when the band emerged, and in 2012 they released the debut album Legend Of The Spaceborne Killer which was swiftly followed in 2014 by Something Supernatural.2016 saw the release of Welcome To Fat City which saw Crobot really starting to make their mark on the Rock estate.

Having toured with the likes of Anthrax, Clutch, Black Label Society, Motorhead and Volbeat, the stature of the band has been building and in 2017 Motherbrainbegan to take shape with the band claiming that this release is darker and more emotional, however, what is clear from the opening track ‘Burn’ the outrageously groove-laden Rock n Roll sound that we expect is there and as filthy as ever with riffs dripping in sludge whilst spraying stunning solos across the soundwaves, Crobot announce that they are here to take over.

This incredible sound continues into ‘Keep Me Down’ as this funk-tinged Rock N Roll machine rolls on in full force, I challenge anyone to not be fully toe-tapping and singing along by the time you get to the end of this track and the fun is only just beginning.

Motherbrain continues to throw meaty hooks at you, like some Indiana Jones booby-trapped treasure, however, you don’t want to dodge these. Allow yourself to get sliced and diced by them before the riffs flatten you like road roller. This sound is often attempted yet rarely managed, especially not to this level.

The tracks include some truly anthemic songs that allow you to sing your heart out, batter the air drums and rock out with the hardest air guitar you can find. If this is the darkest album the band has done, the heavier results are outstanding and guaranteed to make many new fans whilst blowing away the current followers of the band. This new heavier angle has by no means reduced the funk or groove that flow through the blood of the band, if anything as the sound gets heavier the groove gets deeper.

Motherbrain is one of the most enjoyable albums I have heard this year as the selection of tracks allow you to become fully immersed by them and will put a smile on your face as you let loss and allow this incredible band to take you over, trust me this will enhance your life.

Ed Ford

Motherbrain is released August 23rdvia Mascot Records/Mascot label Group.



Track List

  1. Burn
    2. Keep Me Down
    3. Drown
    4. Low Life
    5. Alpha Dawg
    6. Stoning The Devil
    7. Gasoline
    8. Destroyer
    9. Blackout
    10. After Life
    11. The Hive


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