Cro-Mags // In The Beginning // Album Review

Formed in 1981 in New York, Cro-Mags released its debut album The Age of Quarrel in 1986, before by Best Wishes in 1989 and Alpha Omega in 1992 which was swiftly followed by Near Death Experience in 1993 after which the band disbanded before reforming and releasing Revenge in 2000. Throughout the band’s existence, there have been line-up changes and turmoil and the current state of affairs is that there are now two bands with similar names, however, this is Cro-Mags and now they have produced In The Beginning.

As soon as you press play you can feel the energy and just wait for the explosion of Hardcore that the band has become part of the foundations of and as the guitars riff away, the anticipation builds and then all hell breaks loose! As ‘Don’t Give In’ really kicks in, you find yourself swinging every limb and losing your shit as the Hardcore really grabs you and takes over as you find yourself shouting along with the chorus.

This kind of involuntary reaction continues as the high paced action continues and by the end of a couple of tracks you will feel exhausted by the sheer energy that is being absorbed by your body. This will get anyone out of pit retirement!

The 13 tracks take roughly 38 minutes to experience, however it will leave you feeling like you have been a riot, sweaty, bruised, and bloodied.

The guitars never seem to stop slicing through the bass and drums and the traditional Hardcore vocals just lead you to join in and shout along with them whilst grabbing your breath as you continue to bounce around knocking down anything in your way. The riffs carry through from the tracks as it feels like they merge allowing you to keep your momentum and never break stride between tracks.

In The Beginningis a non-stop, high paced Hardcore classic that will get the hardiest of Hardcore fans excited, whilst also grabbing those who may not have experienced the fun and passion of Hardcore and dragging them into the fold. It has the energy of a tsunami and will destroy anything in its path in just the same manner, so get prepared for this utter beast!!

Ed Ford


In The Beginning is released June 19th via Arising Empire.



1. Don’t Give In 3:00 

2. Drag You Under 1:32 

3. No One’s Victim 2:39 

4. From The Grave 2:18 

5. No One’s Coming 4:38 

6. Ptsd 3:30 

7. The Final Test 3:23 

8. One Bad Decision 2:12 

9. Two Hours 2:24 

10. Don’t Talk About It 2:08 

11. Between Wars (instrumental) 5:49 

12. No Turning Back 2:19 

13. There Was a Time 2:25



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