Cro-Mags // 2020 // EP review

Formed in 1981 in New York, Cro-Mags released their debut album The Age of Quarrel in 1986, before by Best Wishes in 1989 and Alpha Omega in 1992 which was swiftly followed by Near Death Experience in 1993 after which the band disbanded before reforming and releasing Revenge in 2000 before, In The Beginning, some 20 years later. Throughout the band’s existence, there have been line-up changes and turmoil and the current state of affairs is that there are now two bands with similar names, however, this is Cro-Mags and this is an EP that is really a soundtrack to this year.

Inadvertently recording a 6 track EP that clocks in at 20minutes and 20 seconds, this is a look through the window of a Corona Virus quarantined Ney York City with its empty streets but also with chaos and aggression as social injustices are challenged.

Opening with ‘Age of Quarantine’ and a heavily instrumental opening before the vocal joins the party, with a slapping bass and heavy riffs, the Hardcore legends kick things off in stunningly powerful fashion as you would expect, things are going go to get hard!

Carrying on this heavy Hardcore soundtrack throws in a hefty helping of Punk as well, as there is a feeling of raw frustration that is being vented in the best possible way for us, giving us a way to let loose and throw down. The hammering of the bass strings creates the incredible and thick foundation along with the punching drums and punishing riffs that the vocal is spat over the top of to complete the renowned Cro-Mags sound.

Including the frustrations of having to cancel a worldwide tour with Body Count, 2020 is a blistering audio account of this most frustrating year, like we have never experienced before as Cro-Mags bundle their feeling into this audible account of what has been going on. This not only provides the look into the New York situation, but also will remind us of what a testing year this was in the times to come as things get back to ‘normal’ but more than anything, this EP is an aggressive outlet for any fan of the band, Hardcore or Punk to just unleash some pent-up aggression.

Ed Ford



  1. Age of Quarantine
  2. 2020
  3. Life on Earth
  4. Violence and Destruction
  5. Chaos in the Streets
  6. Cro-Fusion



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