Crimson Star Talk Influences With Rock ‘N’ Load

Pulling from a range of influences ranging from Queens Of The Stoneage, Foo Fighters, and Black Sabbath, through to Muse, CRIMSON STAR have amassed a sound that is loaded with robust riffery, driving energy and towering hooks. The band’s current single, The Olde Dawg, is out now—hit up the lyric video for the track at . The single is lifted from the trio’s hotly-tipped new EP, also entitled The Old Dawg, which arrives on Friday, 3rd April. With this in mind, we asked the rising rockers for six tracks that have helped to shape their sound:

“Pearl Jam – Go: a song that is full of energy, heaviness and a powerful catchy chorus, we are all about big choruses and hooks, Pearl Jam are experts at this and its a song that we just cant seem to stop going back to.

Audioslave – Cochise: big riffs, big bass, bigger riffs, bigger bass, huge vocals. Being a 3 piece we try to think about our sound and make each instrument prominent to make us sound full with only 2 guitars. The bass sound by Tim Commerford is a big influence on our bass sound.

QOTSA – You Think I Ain’t Worth a Dollar, But I Feel Like a Millionaire:G reat groove, tempo and style, what is not to like. Driven sound with vocals that match and we love a driven riff, and hard hitting chorus.

Soundgarden – Limo Wreck: Weird but cool riffs, a huge chorus, vocally it’s simply epic! The grunge vibe of Soundgarden definitely inspires some of our sound and our tuning for certain tracks to feel right.

Faith No More – Ashes to Ashes: Weird, dark and simply amazing. Faith No More have never been scared of being different or going against the grain, this definitely reminds us to let our hair down and write and explore different genres, grooves and feels.

Muse – Hysteria: the big bass riff, the guitar solo, the outro riff…love it. Muse are one of the biggest 3 peice bands on the planet, and their sound is huge. We aspire to get a solid and recognizable sound like Muse.

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