CREATURE unshackle vicious new single

Debut EP HEX
due 3rd May on Grey Ghost Records

“Ferocious…  evok[ing] the chaos and energy of groups like Every Time I Die, Converge and Kvelertak” 
– Revolver Magazine

12th April 2019
Birmingham’s CREATURE are set to make one hell of a mark with their forthcoming EP HEX due 3rd May on Grey Ghost Records. To mark the announcement, the trio release their colossal new single WITCH’S GRIP today, following its premiere with Revolver Magazine earlier this week.
Witch’s Grip is a metaphor for the feeling of isolation, anxiety and confusion a person can feel at their lowest. Experiencing self-doubt can cause us to grieve for a life that once felt less complicated – so the song is very much an internal monologue, questioning all and looking for answers or respite. The video is a visual representation of this theme, with the protagonist chasing the version of herself she wishes she was; leading her into the woods and ultimately a mental abyss.”
– James Thompson – guitars & lead vocals
Creature – ‘Witch’s Grip’ (Officiall Music Video)
HEX is the debut release from Birmingham band CREATURE, and the first in a trilogy of EPs to be issued from their own Grey Ghost Records label, recorded with revered UK producer Steve Sears (Gallows, Krokodil) and artwork by UK illustrator Luke Preece (Metallica, Ghost, Ozzy Osbourne).

In an age where heavy bands are seduced by the allure of processed guitars, triggered drums and quantised production, HEX is an unrelenting burst of crushing energy that truly represents the sound of CREATURE. No click tracks, no samples, no inauthenticity.

James Thompson, guitarist and vocalist, says The lyrical content on HEX is very personal to me, but it shares thoughts on experiences or stories that many of us witness in modern society. Despite cosmetic improvements, the world can be a dark, twisted place – with very different pressures we all contend with. Music to me is escapism and expression, I hope people can relate and use CREATURE as a vehicle to do the same.

He continues “These EPs are a statement. A statement that says the art of being a band of humans still exists. You can’t manufacture energy, you can’t manufacture passion, you can’t manufacture raw instrumentation in its purest form. The advance of modern production is incredible, and has enabled some wonderful art, but the flipside is that the true essence of heavy music is lost. We want to remind people of what raw grit and emotion sounds like. We don’t want it to die and that is why CREATURE exists.”

HEX track listing
1. Witch’s Grip
2. Liquid Gold
3. Crestfallen
4. Blackness
CREATURE are an unmissable live force, with highlights including support to BrutusConjureramd Guillotine. With plans to tour throughout the UK later this year, the band are taking their shows to new heights. CREATURE’s next port of call will be an EP release show at Birmingham Victoria on 31st May.

Watch this space for further news on CREATURE.

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