Creature - Hex - EP Review
Creature - Hex - EP Review9
Creature - Hex - EP Review9
Creature - Hex - EP Review9
Creature - Hex - EP Review9
Creature - Hex - EP Review9
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Creature drops their highly anticipated debut EP Hex May 3rd and it is a savage way to announce their arrival. At only 8 minutes long, and ideas of a formula with this band have gone out the window. Instead what you get is a highly intense and raw recording that offers the intensity of a live recording wrapped up in studio quality production.

Each track is more savage than the last, brutal and intense from the off, pulling the listener in with each and every thrash of the guitars and visceral vocal delivery you cant help but want get up and get involved.

All band start somewhere and this is a nod to all out there who are killing themselves for their music, in a world that is truly upside down now with the social media whores gaining notoriety more than the talented masses, its bands like Creature who separate themselves with their fuck the norm attitude and stay true to their beliefs, drop an eight minute EP, do it your way, in your own voice so you can be heard above the screaming of the mindless millennial’s watching Britains Got Fuck All Talent or whatever the latest mind numbing drivel that is stealing the creativity from your children is called.

Out May 3rd, forget the Blue Pill or the Red Pill for a dose of reality, Hex is all you need.


Witches Grip

Liquid Gold




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