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Birmingham based Mathcore project Creature is back with their third EP in a 3-part series, entitled Haunt, and god damn it’s good to see Mathcore is still alive as a genre.

Within the opening song, All, we get an incredible range of Mathcore essentials with experimental song structure and time signatures, chunky riffs, dissonance for days and tight musicianship in a 2 minute package. This momentum doesn’t stop, with Gray Ghosts keeping the genre essentials but bringing in elements of Stoner Rock within the riffs that create this incredible groove.

Creeping, my personal favourite track of the EP, manages to blend both elements of Converge and “The New Black” era Every Time I Die into this ridiculously catchy, riff fuelled onslaught of aggression before fading into the final track of the release, Lines. Once again, Creature blends elements of a couple of the genres greats (in this case The Chariot, Dillinger Escape Plan and Tony Danza’s Tapdance Extravaganza) into a great example of the level of musicianship needed for Mathcore.

A bit like this review, Haunt is over in the blink of an eye, with all 4 tracks coming in at a runtime of under 10 minutes. But, that isn’t a negative. Creature have crafted a great EP here that will not only be attractive to anyone who already loves this incredibly niche genre, but is short enough for people who’ve never listened to it to safely do so thanks to the short run time and drastic range of sounds across the board. If you’re a mathcore fan, this EP (and the previous two before it) are a must hear, and while it won’t have the wide mass-market appeal of Metalcore, there’s something here that most metal fans will enjoy without fail.

Review: Dan Stapleton


‘HAUNT’ is out on 10th June 2022 via Grey Ghost Records. Pre-order HERE


1. All
2. Grey Ghosts
3. Creeping
4. Lines

Be sure to catch the band live at 2000Trees Festival 2022 and their EP launch show, with more dates to be announced.


1st July – Birmingham (HAUNT, EP launch), The Flapper W/Grief Ritual
10th July – 2000Trees Festival

More dates and information is available HERE

‘HAUNT’ is out on 10th June 2022 via Grey Ghost Records. Pre-order HERE



Stream the first EP in the trilogy, ‘HEX’ HERE
Stream the second EP in the trilogy, ‘HOUND’ HERE
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