The Smash PR Agency are extremely proud to present to you Creature Creature and their powerful third single ‘The Early Days’ from their debut album ‘Two Finger Tantrum’, out on their own independent label Creature Eats Records on the nineteenth of June.

Creature Creature are a five piece indie punk-rock band based in Brighton, England. Topical thought provoking lyrics, lightning fast guitar hooks with complex arrangements and intelligent songwriting are what’s separating them from the rest of the UK scene.

Third single ‘The Early Days’ has the anthemic attitude and prowess of something that Frank Turner would stake claim to. The theme behind it is, why does the excitement and energy fade away from relationships and most things in life for that matter. The Early Days showcases the strong musical capabilities of drummer Matty Hill who can hold his own with most professionals coming out of the Brighton scene.

“Plenty of swagger drenches the rock groove of this catchy number. Relatable to pretty much everyone and questioning why the excitement of ‘the early days’ in a relationship, or anything for that matter, often begins to fade.” says keys player Seb Cole.

For fans of: Frank Turner, Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes, Dinosaur Pile-Up, Royal Blood.

Creature Creature:

Scully – Vocals

Zeus – Guitars

Dave Cobley – Bass

Seb Cole – KeysSingle

Matt Hill – Drums

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