SAD EYES, the unipersonal proyect of Santi Gzlez, have completed their 4th album entitled “vIV0” which is going to be released through Necromance Records next 1st of November.

As previous records, Santi Glzez have had the support of a various well  know musicians from the spanish scene, and for “vIV0” they’ve been the following ones: 

Miguel Barez – Holycide; Caedis
Armando Rubio – Onomasy
Diego Alonso – Vermis Antecessor; Ex Internal Suffering
Jorge Fernandez – Scent Of Death
Eric Baule – Moonloop
Naga S.Maelstöm – Atrexial
Juanpa Perez – Bizarre; Ex Nangilima
Josan Martin – Evadne
Ul – ExNoctem
Fernando Martin – Cabaret Aberrante
Leo Gonzalez – Canker
Kike Capilla – Ex Rex Devs

All tracks haven been composed, played and recorded by Santi Gzlez except the colaborations. “vIV0” have been mixed and mastered by Marc Figueras at Producciones F2F. All the artwork designed by Joaquin Fernandez Campuzano  for Hard as Iron Studio and logo by Eva Garijo.

We want to present you the cover artwork for “vIV0” and the track listing for the album:



I-   C0
II-  SangVIs
III- RIgescVnt
IV-  AsphyxIa
V-   TVrba
VI-  IctV
VII- ElectrIcae

And now you can listen “RIgescVnt” the first single taken from this new album:





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