Danny Smart Set For Release Of ‘She’s Mine
Danny Smart is a country-rock name you will be hearing lots about over the next few months. His sound is catapulting into the industry. Also, he is proving to be a musician who oozes confidence and quality. His latest release ‘She’s Mine’ is out on the 15th of May and it is evidence of his infectious songwriting talent and remarkable vocal ability.

The singer who resides in Barnsley, South Yorkshire, is rocking his way to the VIP party. Country music flows through his veins, and he is giving the greats from Nashville a real run for their money. However, although boasting a sound reminiscent of the south, he brings with it a new hybrid with his Yorkshire grit.

Influenced by the likes of Johnny Cash and Bob Dylan, Danny has created a sound that stays true to himself. His new release contains a divine vocal performance with a cleverly driven melody. The guitar comes slicker than a whistle, and the beat is punchier than a drill press.

This one will grab you. Therefore, if you are a Country rock fan, seek no more. Danny Smart has arrived, and you need to listen to his new release ‘She’s Mine’ or risk missing out on a gem.

Artist Name: Danny Smart
Song Name – She’s Mine

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