Country Rock Artist Cody Weaver Drops New ‘Southern Noise’ EP

Weaver is a proud fourth-generation Floridian and credits his musical style to being immersed in the sounds of American music throughout his life in the south. Undeniable music rooted in blues, bluegrass, traditional country and rock n’ roll.

“I’ve grown up on country music! My dad is big into bluegrass and classic country, so my love for this music started very early.” Weaver’s unmistakable sound, unwavering passion, dedication, and do-it-yourself work ethic sets him apart from other country music artists and is evident on his new EP, Southern Noise. “I craved a new take on old music so I decided to do it myself. So far it has been an amazing journey and some really awesome music has come out of it.”

Following 2019’s “Burn,” Weaver’s single that hit number one on KB Country Radio in Canada, comes the new five-track collection. “It’s the first compilation of songs that I’ve put together, which is really cool to see come to life. Listening to all of these songs in order takes you on a journey through all kinds of emotions.” Southern Noise was written and arranged by Weaver while providing his band members the opportunity to create their own additions. “These songs stand out to me because they have a familiar traditional country sound but all of me and the band’s influences are clearly evident, such as rock, metal, blues and funk.”

Above: cover art for ‘Southern Noise’ 

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