Counterparts // Nothing Left To Love // Album Review
Counterparts // Nothing Left To Love // Album Review 10
Counterparts // Nothing Left To Love // Album Review 10
Counterparts // Nothing Left To Love // Album Review 10
Counterparts // Nothing Left To Love // Album Review 10
Counterparts // Nothing Left To Love // Album Review 10
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Over the past few years, few bands in the Metalcore scene have made such big movements as Counterparts. After the incredible You’re Not You Anymore (2017), to say there’s excitement building for the bands latest release Nothing Left To Love (2019) would be a massive understatement. 

Opening the album is Love Me, a short yet heavy track that awakens listeners with ease before the album moves to track 2, Wings of Nightmares. Being the first of three singles for the album, the song shows exactly what to expect from the full album, with fantastic musicianship and the first of many filthy breakdowns. Track 3 is another of the album’s singles, Paradise and Plagues is a heavy, chuggy anthem that fans will love that keeps the melody while being more technical at the same time. 

The Hands That Used To Hold Me brings a hardcore edge with the fast aggressive guitar and groove that floods the ears alongside one of my favorite breakdowns of the release, while the final of the album’s singles, Separate Wounds is a melodic drum-heavy track with an insane vocal performance that is full of emotion. Track 6, Your Own Knife, blends elements of Hardcore and Metalcore with the speed of Thrash, and mixing this with the filthiest breakdown of the entire release creates a track that will appeal to almost any metal fan. 

Cherished is up next and without a shadow of a doubt, this is the heaviest track of the entire release. With chug filled riffs, brutal vocals, pounding drums and a bass line that carries the song at a great pace, this song shows Counterparts at their most aggressive. Track 8, Imprints, keeps up the fast pace and aggression while Ocean of Another is a modern take on the classic Metalcore formula. Closing out the album is the title track, Nothing Left To Love. Starting with a long, emotional instrumental section that shows some of the range the band has on hand, listeners are given a side of Counterparts we rarely get to see, trading the anger and aggression for a slower, heartfelt track where you can feel the pain in every word, in every note. 

Nothing Left To Love is not only heavy in terms of music, but in subject matter as well, dealing with the darkness of life and self-destructive tendencies everyone carries daily. The two complement each other perfectly to create one of the strongest releases of the band’s entire career, on top of one of the best Metalcore albums to be seen this year. This album is a must-listen for anyone who is a fan of heavy music. 


Nothing Left To Love is out Nov 1st Via Pure Noise Records.

Daniel Stapleton

Nothing Left To Love Track Listing
1. Love Me
2. Wings of Nightmares
3. Paradise and Plague
4. The Hands That Used To Hold Me
5. Separate Wounds
6. Your Own Knife
7. Cherished
8. Imprints
9. Ocean of Another
10. Nothing Left To Love

Fans can stream “Wings of Nightmares” and pre-order Nothing Left To Love today at .



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