Cory Marks // Who I Am // Album Review
Cory Marks // Who I Am // Album Review 10
Cory Marks // Who I Am // Album Review 10
Cory Marks // Who I Am // Album Review 10
Cory Marks // Who I Am // Album Review 10
Cory Marks // Who I Am // Album Review 10
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Cory Marks has been ripping it up of late trailblazing his way to the release of his debut album Who I Am, dropping this Friday courtesy of Better Noise Music. Marks is a genre-fusing artist taking Country-Rock to its limits with his blistering riffs and Country infused charm to the masses.

The album is packed with a gnarly backbone and beautiful melodies intertwined right across the thirteen fine recordings. It doesn’t matter if you are old school Country or contemporary Country fan, Marks songwriting will have you sold in no time, from the uptempo opener ‘Drive’ to ‘My Whiskey Your Wine’ where he’ll have the ladies hearts in a flutter, right before he gets their asses up out of the seat to let their hair down with the gritty ‘Devil’s Grin’. Cory’s love of the heavier side of music has brought an interesting flavor to his storytelling, you get this edgy riff-filled backbone to the songs with a softer melodic side enveloping them which is a fantastic balancing act, helped by superstar award-winning producer Kevin Churko who helped guide him through the murky waters of amped-up Country-Rock. Churko who has worked on both sides of the music divide from Country Queen Shania Twain to Rock royalty in Ozzy Osbourne brought his slice of magic to proceedings. 

Who I Am is a beast of Country-Rock, taking no prisoners Marks has made no apologies for his passion, pouring it out across these tracks, blood guts and glory, 100%, no quarter given you can hear it form the opening track to the very last. Production is sublime that you can feel every kick-ass riff from these guitars beautifully balanced against Marks vocal delivery and you just wanna celebrate every bitchin’ track. 

One of the best County-Rock albums of the year without a doubt, hold onto your hats ladies and gentlemen there is a new player in town and his name is Cory Marks. 

Who I Am is out this Friday, August 7th Via Better Noise Music



  My Whiskey Your Wine 
  Devil’s Grin 
  Blame It On The Double 
  Outlaws and Outsiders (feat Travis Tritt, Ivan Moo 
  Good To Be Us 
  Who I Am 
  Keep Doing What I Do 
  Another Night In Jail 
  Better Off 
  She’s Hollywood 
  Out In The Rain 
  My Whiskey Your Wine (Acoustic)






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