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Let’s all agree, George “Corpsegrinder” is the best death metal vocalist on the planet.

Now that’s out of the way we can talk about the titans new project.

The aptly titled “Corspegrinder”, George’s first solo project & collab with long time friends & co-producers Nick Bellmore (Dee Snider/Kingdom Of Sorrow) & Jamey Jasta (Hatebreed).

Even though George’s full time focus since 1995 has been Cannibal Corpse we have been lucky to have a few guest appearances on some records here and there as well as two side projects, Paths of Possession (my personal favourite) & Serpentine Dominion with Shannon Lucas & Adam Dutkiewicz.

Both projects have a slightly more melodic death metal leanings so we know George can cater to slightly different genres within the death metal realm.

Now comes his own solo full length self titled release, ten tracks of frantic, momentum driven punishment for your eardrums.

“Acid Vat (feat. Erik Rutan)” smashes down the door and starts with one of George’s legendary long screams before the track hits at a breakneck speed. Chuggy riffs back and forth with ear piercing lead sections from Erik Rutan keeps the track interesting & a great way to showcase the album’s sonics.

Getting to hear George sing about murder & revenge hits totally different here. Whereas in a Cannibal Corpse it can be more focused here it’s more animalistic. A perfect blend of more stripped back lyrics with George’s vocal style make it feel somewhat more positive rather than the same themes touched within Cannibal Corpse wheelhouse.

The next cracker is “Bottom Dweller”. This track shows how well George can lend his voice to any genre, The fact that there is essentially “gang vocals” in the track elevates it to a 10 ha. The writing between Nick Bellmore & Charlie Bellmore on this album is fantastic and at its peak on this track.

Each track is always pushing forward momentum, keeping you guessing what’s going to happen next. Every often dipping their toes within different genres. This track is definitely the most hardcore influnce but still keeps the brutality 1000%.

Within “On Wings of Carnage” the trio have been able to create a track that the crowd at say Wacken or Bloodstock would eat up!

A true fist pumper & headbanger of a track. A mix of Swedish death metal & stadium rock. Imagine if Conan had a theme song & this would be it. This track makes you want to destroy everything in your wake!

“IT’S YOUR FUNERAL!” opens up the track “Death Is the Only Key”.

More of a stripped back track but that doesn’t mean it’s weak.

Heavy as balls & like a tank this track is resilient.

Mid Paced yet still brutal as hell.

Now for the party starter, “Crimson Proof” the energy bleeding through this track is non-stop. Now I call it a party starter for 2 reasons, Mostly because of the hyper high pull on/off guitar riff in the verse sections which switch brilliantly into the chorus that makes you just wanna jump up & down constantly.

All leading towards a relentless breakdown that is spin kick & pushpit central. Bones will be broken during this track I can tell you ha!

The closing track “Vaguely Human” adds a great black metal touch to the album. A track with a harrowing, sombre chorus filled with norwegian tremolo riffs & soring dive bombs quietly adding texture to the meat of the song.

A short affair at only just over two minutes but it’s a refreshing way to end the album & makes you want to hit the repeat button straight away.

“Corsepgrinder” delivers on what as a fan of Georges legacy promises.

An album full of memorable, uncompromising tracks that any heavy music fan would love.

Weaved throughout are solidly written tracks that are interesting & a great way for George to spread his blooddrenched wings!

Corpsegrinder is out via Perseverance Music Group on 25 February 2022

Review: Joseph Mitchell


1.Acid Vat (feat. Erik Rutan)

2.Bottom Dweller

3. On Wings of Carnage

4.All Souls Get Torn

5. Death Is the Only Key

6. Crimson Proof

7. Devourer of Souls

8. Defined by Your Demise

9. Master of the Longest Night

10. Vaguely Human

Corpsegrinder // Corpsegrinder // Album Review
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