Corey Taylor // CMFB Sides // EP Review


Is this bloke always releasing new music?! At a time when we have been hearing about an upcoming Slipknot album, Corey Taylor follows up his 2020 CMFT album release with a B Sides release.

Comprising of nine unreleased tracks including covers, acoustics and live versions of songs by Metallica, Kiss, Dead Boys. The acoustic versions of tracks of ‘Kansas’ and ‘Halfway Down’ from CMFT along with a live rendition of ‘Home/Zzyxz Rd’ from the blistering Come What(ever) May album by Stone Sour as recently released. Taylor has included the already released ‘On The Dark Side’ by John Cafferty & The Beaver Brown Band on the EP.

Opening up with ‘Holier Than Thou’ by Metallica, Taylor unleashes his mark on one of the founding members of the Big Four of Thrash once more. Having previously covered ‘Creeping Death’ on the Meanwhile In Burbank EP by Stone Sour in 2015 Taylors voice talks naturally to such tracks and the band cover the music side of things perfectly.

The pace and tone of things cover all bases as we fly through ‘All This And More’ before an acoustic ‘Kansas’, we land at ‘Shakin’ by Eddie Money before hearing Taylor dedicate ‘Home’ to his wife and this blends perfectly into the Stone Sour song that never fails to raise all sorts of emotions. The medley is beautiful and shows another stunning side to this incredible talent.

Kicking things back up a gear by covering Red Rider and then Kiss, Taylor takes things acoustic again with ‘Halfway Down’ before closing with the previously released ‘On The Dark Side’ and wrapping up this tasty little EP in stunning fashion.

These nine tracks reaffirm the fact that Corey Taylor is one of the hardest working and talented musicians of an era alongside the fact that he clearly really enjoys being as immersed in making music as he possibly can be. This EP charts the continued growth and domination of a versatile and incredible frontman that goes from strength to strength. The only people who would disagree with that are those who are jealous and prefer to make a meme out of Taylor being everywhere.

The reason that Taylor gets across every genre is that he takes every chance and works his ass off, with the result being top drawer music for us to enjoy. CMFB Sides is another example of just how much work this man puts into his passion and we should be grateful for this.

Ed Ford


CMFB Sides will be released Friday 25th February 2022 via Roadrunner Records.



  1. Holier Than Thou (METALLICA cover)
  2. All This And More (DEAD BOYS cover)
  3. Kansas (Acoustic)
  4. Shakin’ (EDDIE MONEY cover)
  5. Home/Zzyxz Rd (Live)
  6. Lunatic Fringe (RED RIDER cover)
  7. Got To Choose (KISS Cover)
  8. Halfway Down (Acoustic)




Corey Taylor // CMFB Sides // EP Review
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