Dante Mazzetti
Continues His Musical Saga with
Hotel Vol. 2
Out November 22nd, 2019
“Mazzetti, while based in New York City, creates tonally pleasant and subdued harmonies that have unwavering endurance, representative of the city where they are created.”
Rhythm and Boots NYC
(New York, NY) October 18th, 2019: Singer-songwriter Dante Mazzettirecently announced his new EP Hotel Vol. 2, slated for release on November 22nd. Keeping with the themes and story-telling from his July EP, Hotel Vol. 2continues the tale of a troubled man finding a new life and new challenges. Through 4 new original tracks, Dante Mazzetti tackles a darker tone, infusing his sound with somber vocals and bluesy undertones.

In preparation for his upcoming EP release, Dante dropped the first single “Ugly” in September. A combination of jazz, blues, and a slight Latin flair, “Ugly” conveys a story of an unpleasant encounter. Dante once again shows off his diverse artistry, while maintaining his notable songwriting skills

Listen to “Ugly” Here
Reflecting on “Ugly”, Dante Mazzetti offers a clear explanation, “I purposefully wrote ‘Ugly’ to be able to be interpreted in different ways. I like to let the listener make the decision on how they want to receive the meaning. Some people hear it as being about a man who is sponging off of an aesthetically unattractive woman. I like to think of it as a song about a woman who is beautiful on the outside, yet has an ugly soul. I hope to inspire the listener to question the meaning of ugliness and to search for more in my songs than the surface understanding of the lyrics.”

In July, Mazzetti made his official return to music with Hotel Vol. 1. With four new original songs, the record brought together acoustic folk and soul, laced with lyrical storytelling. The EP was the first volumes that brought together various unreleased songs in folk and Americana, but emphasize Mazzetti’s ability as a songwriter to express struggles and triumphs in life. For the artist, a piece of music is a living organism – always evolving, improving, finding new creative avenues to explore.

Mazzetti says, “The music on this EP is a mixture of accessibility and wild imagery. I’ve always enjoyed making music that goes off on a tangent but doesn’t fall off the cliff.  The songs are doors that open easily into bizarre worlds rather than places of comfort.”

Now, through the introduction of “Ugly”, Dante Mazzetti takes listeners on a different journey. Whereas Vol. 1 incorporated higher energy and excitement, Vol. 2ventures into the slow tempo darkness. Dante Mazzetti’s new EP Hotel Vol. 2 is set for release on November 22nd and will be celebrated at Rockwood Music Hallon November 19th, with tickets available now. Be sure to check out his previous record and follow him on social media for music updates.

Hotel Vol. 2

1. Breaking in the Sun
2. Cold Rain
3. Moonlight
4. Ugly

Born and raised in New York City, Dante Mazzetti started playing the fiddle at the age of three.  By five, he was learning guitar and writing his own songs. By the time he was a teen, he was playing on New York City subway platforms and performing in music clubs. Mazzetti was accepted to the Professional Performing Arts High School in Manhattan where he studied voice.
He then went to Purchase College Music Conservatory to study Studio Engineering before moving to Austin, TX (for 6 months) to write his first album.

Mazzetti began his music career with the release of his self-titled debut album in 2002. After exploring the genre of Americana and indie-folk, Mazzetti experimented with his sound by releasing his rock album, Lost and Drifting, in 2005. This album showed off his ability to capture different genres through his songwriting. In 2007, music took a backseat when he decided to join the New York Fire Department. In June 2011, Dante Mazzetti was awarded the Emily Trevor/Mary B. Warren Medal, “In recognition of your heroic actions placing yourself at risk to rescue an elderly female,” for his service in the FDNY.


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